The Year That Was & What Will Be

New Years 2009
New Years 2009

I certainly can not say this year was boring. Frankly, I can not imagine a year more full of unforeseen circumstances and unintended results. However, even with the twisted path I found myself on, with all its ups and downs, in the end I arrived at my destination, more or less unscathed.

Here in the Village, before my lovely 5 hour shift earlier, I sat here and watched everyone run about on their last-minute New Years Eve errands, and I for one am thankful that I have nowhere to be.

New Years Eve 2009

New Years 2009

On the rare occasion that I’ve actually gone out on New Years, I can say it’s always turned out to be somewhat disappointing. I suppose it’s all the build up, and really, what can live up to the sorts of expectations one can get up to at New Years? With all the resolutions, and other nonsense, perhaps I have over the years become rather jaded towards the whole mess.

This year finds me nestled in my new neighbourhood, within my new bachelor pad, snuggled by my laptop watching Time Team (of course) and popping into Facebook every now and again. It’s a way to feel connected, without actually having to connect. I know, that sounds so anti-social, though completely factual. I am anti-social – atleast recently. Maybe somewhat as a result of my missing tooth (and the whole circumstances surrounding it), yet there is more at play.

My goal earlier, before I headed off to work and started this post, was to write a synopsis of my year… a sort of YEAR IN REVIEW. As I was sitting here watching Tony Robinson, Mick Aston, and Phil Harding and crew unearth another Roman something or other {I haven’t gotten far enough in to find out what it is yet, just some “intriguing structures” that, really, could be anything}, I started to get distracted and kept wondering, what were my best moments? Or, instead, maybe defining moments, at the very least.

Good gracious, where do I start? LOL. I am not one to use popular texting lingo in my writing, yet, somehow I feel that really sums it up. I have to just laugh out loud. Well, ok, I am laughing out loud.

January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

Last year, holy cow you know I had almost forgot where I was last year. I have not come that far, really. I just had this flash just now, and I suddenly remembered, I was at the Homestead – just Irish and I, after being next door at a party. I had run into one of my ex-boyfriends, and had a few beers, and I just felt like all of asudden “I don’t want to be here“.

I came home and I cried on the couch, in that place, my childhood home. Cried for Tim, cried from fear, and loss, and expectations, and so many emotions coalescing and spilling out of my eyes, and heart.

Here it is 11:14PM New Years Eve once again, and it’s just Irish and I. Again I’m at home (although a different one), yet this year I’m not here to get away from anything. I’m here on my own tonight for a lot of reasons, but first and foremost, this is what I choose to do. Simple, and again, factual. I had the opportunity to go out, and I considered – thought “who cares about my tooth” – but I just didn’t want to ( Or perhaps didn’t need to go out ).

It just turned Midnight, and now it is a new year here in the Village. Irish is snuggled up in a ball beside me, and all’s well with my world.

The following I guess is my YEAR IN REVIEW. These are some of my favourite shots, memories, people and places from this year.

As for WHAT WILL BE… well, in the words of Doris Day

“Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be”
Read more: Doris Day – Whatever Will Be, Will Be Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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  1. My thought processes usually result in a songs lyrics too- quirky but quite fun too! Wishing you a Happy 2014! Makes me think of ‘Start off each day with a song” by Jimmy Durante- it really does work to lift your spirits too! haha all the best Caryl

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