A cottage, a bonfire & guitars = Céilidh

There are rare times in our life when the planets align, the right people are gathered, and MAGIC happens. True magic. The sort of moments that become cherished memories. Those rare times when you are FULLY aware and can thus revel in the moments, imprinting them on your soul for ever more. There are times when you truly are thankful to be alive, to be … Continue reading A cottage, a bonfire & guitars = Céilidh

‘To thy ownself be true’ | March 31 2012

Going through these events 8 months later is a bit surreal sometimes. In my mind I have to fly past all this other “stuff” and I really have to focus in order to get back to that place. Returning to these events and re-living what I was experiencing is … oh what’s the word…hard? difficult? … no … painful? No. It makes me kind of … Continue reading ‘To thy ownself be true’ | March 31 2012

Daily Prompt: “Success is a journey, not a destination”

Bit of serendipity to this Daily Prompt. This morning I finally sent off my first resume to a potential employer. So as one could imagine the whole idea of “success” has been foremost on my mind of late. It’s merely the first, but that one email took me almost 24  hrs to create & send. One foot in front of the other. “What is a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: “Success is a journey, not a destination”


The following were shots I took this summer. I was experimenting with the colour isolation feature on my Canon PS S5IS.      {I’m dreaming of a Nikon D5100…just like the one I accidentally read about this morning….. ;-)} To join the challenge: A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Flower Continue reading Flower


I went out today with my Nokia N95 Camera Phone for my walk rather than the bulkier Canon. I prefer it sometimes as its lighter. Afterward as I looked through what I had taken, I wanted to subtly enhance the mood … so I very gently softened them with Picasa. I like the effect; it captures how I felt today. Lots on my mind. Lots … Continue reading Desiderata