the silence of ONE

Sometimes I find myself slipping away. Inside myself, like a turtle. With all this activity here at my sisters, the times that I actually have to myself are fricken precious. It can be so difficult sometimes to constantly have to be … I don’t know…I’m not even sure what the word is … quiet? Patient? Dispassionate? On? I’m not certain there is an english word … Continue reading the silence of ONE

50 ahead

The Interview

Had my first interview for a job in a decade on Monday. So I spent the entire weekend in mental preparations. Plus I had to gather my work references, which was nerve-wracking as I haven’t actually worked (in the sense they mean) in over 4 years. I did work, and I’m proud of what I accomplished in that time. Then I was a caregiver for … Continue reading The Interview

A Stuffed Beaver

The Composted Writer

Sometimes just after I hit that PUBLISH button on a post, I am struck by this feeling of “I’ve written this before”. Before? I haven’t; I realize that it’s because some of these stories I wrote in my head…years ago in some cases. And there they have remained. Oh, perhaps residence of Middle-earth or Oz, or maybe Never Never Land have read my work, but … Continue reading The Composted Writer