One by One: a year later

A year ago today, I wrote this – One by One [published: Oct. 31, 2012] I had been blogging 5 days. It was just me and Irish, alone at the Lake, in our little cottage. I was experiencing a profound grief. Tim’s death had been so much different than hers. So many different emotions, experiences, thoughts, and the circumstances. The grief was even different. Tim … Continue reading One by One: a year later

Sunday Walks: Springbank

London boasts some of the most beautiful areas, parks, and naturalized spaces. So I got dressed this morn and decided to visit one of my fav’s – Springbank, which meanders along the Thames River. These photos represent only a third, perhaps, of the entire park. Beginning with Greenway Park, and the off-leash Dog park at Springbank and Wharncliffe, this park has been here in one … Continue reading Sunday Walks: Springbank

The Normal School

The three-storey brick building was designed in the High Victorian style by architect Francis Heakes and was constructed in 1898-1899. All exterior elements of the building, and the ground and second floor of the central hall and stairways inside the building, as well as the aesthetic character of the property are protected by an Ontario Heritage Trust conservation easement. The property is also designated by … Continue reading The Normal School

Honouring the Mud Duck with a Roast

When my sister and I were growing up, every few years we’d go down and visit our Dad’s family – Grandma & GrandpaN, CousinC & UncleN, and AuntJ, supported by a whole cast of other characters and cousins. It was quite the experience to journey down into the heart of the Old South. There is a vibrancy & simplicity in many areas of Eastern North Carolina. … Continue reading Honouring the Mud Duck with a Roast

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

Mornings hold promises – maybe a fresh beginning, a change in the weather, or a new opportunity to learn something new, or meet someone new, or perhaps the very blessing of getting to wake up. The coffee in hand, next stop is my little stoop for my morning cylinder of sin. Once java’d up and awake, Irish begins her morning dance…the dance leads out the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning