Putting It All Together

IMG_0001Sometimes we need to be reminded, ya know, of how lucky we really are. Or, I suppose more specifically, how lucky I am. Looking around at my wee abode this morning, and I thought to myself, “self, you are really puttin’ it together“. I have had to remind myself to ENJOY NOW. Not look longingly towards “someday”, or anymore of those wistful glances back at yesterday. THIS right HERE, this is it.

Today I sit, and am in a spot, where, quite frankly, I’ve longed to be for almost a decade. Longed for physically, as I missed London, and longed for mentally. I’ve felt too far away. It all had to happen, I believe. I wouldn’t take one moment, or one choice back (ok, maybe one or two), but I needed to simplify, digest, and move forward. Forward, yet back to where I had already been.

The following vignette illustrates this rather succinctly, I think. The old medicine cabinet is a Tim find, from our days at Thameswood, back in the spring o 2012 when he was getting radiation. We found it in a heap of garbage behind the Old Vic here in London. The Settee of course was Grandma’s, and the Elephants are part of a collection I started in order to get people to stop buying me cats. PLEASE. Stop. At the time I had two, and being in your thirties, single, with two cats, is somewhat disconcerting, and having a collection of Cats does not help matters any. So Elephant it was, as I love them because they are matriarchal…which means the females run the show – just like in my family.

This time around, I’ve reminded myself to look around, enjoy the landscape, relax, smile, take long walks, take photos, talk to people, write, create, draw, paint, whatever…and maintain and revel in what this life has to offer. Oh, sure, go to work, do a good job, but come home and live, breath, eat, sleep, smile and don’t miss one single moment blissfully unawares, as in the past.

The hat is sitting on an antique spool, which is sitting on a hat box that contains my underwear. They are sitting on Grandma’s old suitcase, which contains my lingerie and socks and such. Gotta be creative in a small space.

Be Thy Self.

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