No More

NO More, No more, no more. She said, no more. No more, She said again; just to be sure. hiding, lying no more. No More being dead deaf dumb bled. No more she said. Of walking away no more. run You saw me but I said No more. I remember why but no more can I deny the reason why. Should I too haunt the … Continue reading No More

That Woman

Defines, the very essence of who I want to be. With every breath, there is the grace, of a kind, beautiful, soul. She moves, loves, and never hates, this woman I have in mind. I take her with me on walks, and she’s there every time I talk, this woman I have in mind. She inspires, and I admire, her smile and her cool style. And the … Continue reading That Woman

Stella, the Black Irish Lass~y

The Homestead has a new addition…her name is Stella. She is a 16 week old bundle of puppy goodness…with gigantic paws, and gangly legs. She is a hybrid/mutt…part this part that…just like her golden cousin, Irish. With her long legs, and her big, ol’paws, to say she looks awkward is an understatement…and of course as cute as a button. From her puppy dog eyes, down … Continue reading Stella, the Black Irish Lass~y

The Neo-Nazi and the Dutch Guy

As the bile that rose in my throat brought forth a rage that I could not ignore, I found myself verbally attacking this racist, Nazi sympathizer. Young though he may have been (21 perhaps), the garbage he believed was quite unbelievable. I don’t know what crap he’d been reading, or what he was involved with, but at some point he’d been made to believe that the Holocaust was no big deal, and that there really were not that many Jews who died…that it was all this North American propaganda or some such. Continue reading The Neo-Nazi and the Dutch Guy