On This Maudlin Fryday

The precious Christmas bone has been placed on the bed beside me, after some careful consideration of other locations. For her last choice, I watched her for about 2 or 3 minutes trying to conceal it under this blanket I have draped over my Ikea wicker thingy. I finally decided I’d tell her, um … “Irish, no doggies are coming in here to steal your bone. Really“. So, … Continue reading On This Maudlin Fryday

Sisters in the 70's - gold and green plaid sofa - thetemenosjournal.com

My Sister and I

We are different, my sister and I, but we’ve grown together over the years. It’s funny how time, space, and shared loss, and at one point or another, you find she has become essential. No longer the annoying hunk of flesh that your Mom’s loins disappointingly gave forth, but the voice on the end of the phone who knows all the essential details of your stories. … Continue reading My Sister and I

Living Amongst Gravestones and Ancestors

Last evening, once I had written my post, and settled down from yesterday’s ordeals…my sister calls… gotta listen to this song she says. [featured photo is me and Mom – c1970 – I was 3] Earlier she had done my, hit random and ask your question to the music “thang”…and this is what it gave her ~~ Coldplay’s latest album ‘Mylo Xyloto’ released in 2011 … Continue reading Living Amongst Gravestones and Ancestors