Walking in Winter

The Bum and I

We are back in the winter of 2000, and as I was leaving work, this old, stinky man latched onto my arm, saying “I think I’m having a heart attack“. And I go REALLY, well sir, you’ve attached yourself to the wrong lass. I’m sorry, yeah right. He was halfway to China and back drunk and more than likely having a panic attack. Whatever it … Continue reading The Bum and I

To #4 @4:44

To The Cold-Hearted driver of the #4 @ 4:44pm, Monday January 27th, 2014, who refused to pick me up: I had just worked 8 hours and walked the 4 or so blocks from Second Street to catch the Oxford East at Fanshawe College. You can’t imagine how delighted I was to see you sitting there. You see, I normally work much later and was worn … Continue reading To #4 @4:44

Dollarama Design & The Dog

So I’ve discovered the downtown Dollarama…and I’m hooked. Last weekend I bought 8 of these Bamboo Floor Mats – which do a fantastic job of covering up the wine stain. They also give the room almost this old circus or gypsy tent feel. They ground the room a bit I believe. Also purchased were some tea towels.  Oh, I know, just WAY too exciting. Insignificant décor becomes significant … Continue reading Dollarama Design & The Dog

Why I Don’t Listen to the Radio Anymore

Sometimes I want nothing but the scene out my window, and my own thoughts. I can’t listen to the radio, as I can’t predict what they may play, and there are just some songs I would rather not hear. I savour the dark outside that bus window on my ride home at night, and the opaque glow of billboards, and streetlights. I get restless, and … Continue reading Why I Don’t Listen to the Radio Anymore

the ‘Hobbit Dinner’ speech

A BLESSING FOR SUNDAY The following was part of a speech given by Tolkien in Holland, “organized by a Rottendam bookseller“, the spring of 1958; Tolkien made a lively speech in English interspersed with Dutch and Elvish. It was in part a parody of Bilbo’s party speech at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings, and it concluded with Tolkien recalling ‘that it is … Continue reading the ‘Hobbit Dinner’ speech