Welcome To The Inside Of My Gypsy Caravan

Outside sits what was apparently supposed to be a sort of Gypsy Caravan. My landlord told me that the previous tenant had acquired this axle and wheels from “SOME ONE”. This evidently forgotten (or set aside?) dream is now resting in my garden. OR, what I had intended for a garden.  However, it has not been established yet if the Gypsy Caravan is a permanent fixture, therefore I have had to reserve my feelings towards it.

The next time the landlord mentions it, I’m going to tell him to leave it, I have an idea of how to incorporate it into my little Black Walnut garden – would sort of make a cool harkening back to the areas more rural roots.

The Gypsy Caravan
the snowy gypsy caravan

Apparently, she had wanted to  build this sort of Caravan to live in. I have to wonder where Gypsy Girl planned on parking it, and God help her if she planned on spending her winters anywhere around here.

However, it has become a particular source of inspiration for this boho in boots. It graces the outside of this pad I now reside within, so how can you not rock the Gypsy vibe when you have Orange walls, and this once and future caravan sitting in ones garden?

boho in boots
boho in boots


As a pedestrian, my life is transitory at times. A little messy, a little mischievous, with a few memories scattered about keeping it real. A cacophony of texture and colour, set against natural tones and accents.  A little lackadaisical whimsy.

My style is an eclectic mix of many worlds – the world of the Homestead, spun through with the Cottage, and sprigs of this and that  from here and there. Colourful scarves hung on rattan screens, beside old Ontario Rural furniture. Handcrafted Pine cabinets and old vintage bits of this and that.

Of course, there is plenty of space available for books. I love the printed word.

I was always surrounded with books and reading growing up. I believe that is the key to my love of them. Grandma always had various examples of the printed word laying about.

Rural Ontario Furniture
rural Ontario furniture

Although, I do believe my wee lil’abode is quickly becoming a shrine of books. Books against this, books stacked on shelves and on the floor. I have a storage bin full of more books I have to somehow find a place for – hence the need I suppose for some sort of bookshelf. I am a bibliophile, and thus I will always have more books than the space to house them.
For myself, that little girl standing on the other side of the wall in the photo I included yesterday, has come along way. Stories, tales, poetry and all sorts of different accumulations of words, have changed who I am. They have molded my ideas, crafted philosophies and changed my dreams.

In essence, I suppose books have been a dominate force in my life for so long, that it would be just wrong to not display them, savour them, and cherish sometimes the mere look of them.

Bibliophilia or bibliophilism is the love of books. Accordingly a bibliophile is an individual who loves books. A bookworm (sometimes pejorative) is someone who loves books for their content, or who otherwise loves reading. The -ia-suffixed form “bibliophilia” is sometimes considered[by whom?] to be an incorrect usage; the older[citation needed] “bibliophilism” is considered[by whom?] more correct. The adjective form of the term is bibliophilic. A bibliophile may be, but is not necessarily, a book collector.

I sometimes find I gaze off at one particular stack, and drift off, remembering the tale it told. That’s the Fey in me, I suppose.
Obviously books play a prominent role in my décor. I abhor order and have always been attracted to a wee touch of chaos in my environment. Ordered chaos, perhaps, but chaos none the less.

I once gave my Mom for her birthday one year this framed quote I found, that said “A creative woman has cobwebs in her corners, not her mind“{but I don’t recall who the author of the saying was}. Good grief, how true is that of me… and… that Apple did not fall far off the tree.

Inspired by ~~ The Daily Prompt: Style Icon

6 thoughts on “Welcome To The Inside Of My Gypsy Caravan

  1. I grew up with books too. In face one of the best things my parents ever did was tell me if you ever need a book tell us and it is your. As you can imagine over the years I’ve had piles and piles of books. Eventually I’d have to have book clean out day and give a bunch to the local library. It was either that or be trapped in my bedroom by Tolstoy. These days its store things from my Kindle with Amazon. So now I live in fear of a lightening strike at the data center.


    1. my mom always had a book on the go…and thus both my sister and i are avid readers…just like mom. i love my ereader…which is also a tablet. couldn’t imagine a life without reading :-) …feel pity for those who don’t know the wonderful experience of being carried away by anothers imagination.


      1. I know!! How many nights has it been just one more page and then realized that is the sun shining in the window.


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