A Way | Metamorphisis

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” Rabindranath Tagore At the beginning, there was a butterfly. Taken from a picture of one of the many Tiger swallowtail that frequented the environs of the lake, the beach, and the summer flowers that surrounded it. Randomly flipping through the archives today, at old posts, and posts reminiscing about old posts, I feel compelled to … Continue reading A Way | Metamorphisis

Ol’ Enoch and the Angels

I’ve been but skimming the surface of Early Christianity lately, and finding all sorts of nuggets of wisdom hidden under the folds. I find these early philosophies of peace, self-discovery, and grace, rather tantalizing. Some of these groups are thought to be very ancient, and precede the first century A.D., and even are thought to come from “ancient Maji tradition descended from the most ancient … Continue reading Ol’ Enoch and the Angels

Rough Guide to the Apocrypha

Once again, I find myself consumed by documentaries into early Christianity. I’ve had this fascination with The Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Apocyrypha for years now. Every once in a while I’ll be tantalized by some new piece of the puzzle. One could say I have the tail of this biblical muse, and I suppose I must take it wherever it wants me to go. apocrypha, (from Greek apokryptein, “to … Continue reading Rough Guide to the Apocrypha


The Life and Times of Gustafus the Gargoyle

I’ve had Gustafus for probably close to 20 or more years now – he is one of my oldest Knick Knacks. Purchased back in my married days, for that old garden of mine.  He has seen many a winter, and he has become worn, and pockmarked with ruts, and new ridges have formed. He has come to life though, in his fashioning of character, brought about … Continue reading The Life and Times of Gustafus the Gargoyle

Notes in my Journal

Late Night Notes on the Divine

I fell asleep last night all curled up in front of my laptop, with the strains of this doc on The Gnostic and Heretical Gospels, ringing through my dreams. Fascinating program, and a rather hot (IMHO) Anglican Priest as the Narrator – Peter Owen-Jones. I had been flipping through some videos related to the discovery and preservation of the Gospel of Judas Papyri found in … Continue reading Late Night Notes on the Divine

Are You Ok? ; and 397 comes along

I sometimes find myself all caught up in this web of how strange we all act sometimes. How mean we are, and how condescending and greedy people can be. It strikes me as very surreal, how much a person can get wrapped up in “stuff”, and forget the essence of what matters. I mean, really, is your life not complete until you’ve picked up the phone … Continue reading Are You Ok? ; and 397 comes along

Ultimatums and Death

I’m not one to set down some concrete statement that defines my actions. Therefore, ultimatums are not often part of my “Modus Operandi“.  I recognize the futility in these ultimate statements of intent. However, there are always exceptions, as my teeter-totter mindset is abundant with dichotomy. More than once I have succumbed to the attractive ideal of the ULTIMATUM. Often, I can faintly hear the snickering of the … Continue reading Ultimatums and Death

Confessions Of A Caregiver

When I first met Tim his life was about drugs, music, late nights and alcohol – and it was that life that ultimately killed him. I’d always been attracted to the music scene, and still love the energy of live music. Thus it was that I became entangled in the life he led. Yet, in time I realized that Tim’s life was not out front, but rather out … Continue reading Confessions Of A Caregiver

My Life In A Call Centre

To date, much of what I’ve written concerning the Call Centre world has been somewhat derogatory. To be sure, there are many aspects of the environment that…well…to put it bluntly…suck. That said, there are aspects that do not. Lets start with the fact that out of the hundreds of applications and resumes I sent out last summer, they are the only people who ONE, called … Continue reading My Life In A Call Centre