Re-Arranging My Life: Inside Out

After an annoying walk with pull the skin off my hands Irish, I came home, broke open the kitchen window, and went on a spree. A good ol’sweep, mop and scrub and get to the bottom of, ol’ clean-up.

Moved everything around alittle, moved this piece here, block this view, open up and move around some light – wrangle the Irish Dust Bunnies. Get the cobwebs, the dust and dirt from a long, dreary winter.

AND give myself a Bamboo Kitchen Floor – dollar store style. Nice and comfy on the feet, AND I’m more likely to want to be in the kitchen, if I LOVE it. NO? So, its a bit Romantic, a bit grounded, bit of old Ontario rural, bits and pieces of who I am.


Dollar Store Bamboo Floors

This was so easy, I swear to god I don’t know why in hell I didn’t think of it earlier. Take the 9 bamboo mats — 6 with the same pattern, 3 with a smaller pattern (aha, I think ahead) – there you have it, bamboo floors. I love how it hi-lights the galley style of the kitchen. This was a unified, re-design, pull up your socks, and recognizing what I need around me to be happy adventure. FIRST: I really need clean spaces, clean lines, with softly contrasted muted colours. I needed more balance.AHA.

Which led somehow to this romantically bright, soft and bold look I’ve fallen in love with over the last while. Bit Parisian, bit japanese, with old Photographs, and Black & Whites, flowers and BOOKS EVERYWHERE. It’s now rather like a triad and divided in such a way as to have an almost subtler tone – with passage ways to the secret and the open.

I needed balance. I had found I felt alittle hemmed in, and I needed somehow to create more space to live, and create some clean easy lines to balance the messy Gypsy I’d found myself within. Open up, share, breath, and come out of hibernation.

Boho and the Neighbours

This area is famous for its community, its artistic natures, uniqueness, and dogs, and bikes and people genuinely seeming to look as though they represent enough diversity to make it interesting, almost. Not quite as dynamic as even Mississauga, certainly no where near Toronto, but enough that I feel as though I’m amongst those who understand, maybe to inspire me, or just to merely observe – it’s a wonderful place to be for one like me.

And I’ve created myself a wee fairy hole to dwell. Tis such bliss. To find somewhere I can observe, without being completely visible.


Hiding is easy. Yet JUST OUT THAT door, is all this life, and action, and motion. People, laughing, talking, and music drifting across the road from the bar. I hardly go there, but occasionally I drift in and , well, then just drift out… on some good blues, or soul, or whatever I happen to feel like having a listen to. Not often. Often I’m found here. Watching archaeology documentaries and writing, jotting down, or sometimes perhaps blank and staring at the screen as if it’s magic, and could whisk me out of those winter doldrums.

HENCE, a good cleaning was in order. Brushing off the winter dust, and airing myself out that door more. I’ve been rather a hermit of late. Briefly venturing, hardly, sometimes joyfully. I’m very blessed with, though small, a truly real little group of friends.

Makes me small. Now I need alittle more. Just alittle. So this little re-design today acknowledges my desire to have guests. To maybe even have ROOM for guests. Not look so much like some gaudy Hotel Room from some bad 70’s flick.

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