Weekly Writing Challenge | Student, Teacher

from The Red Duo-Tang ~Friday June 27th, 1975: *Really enjoyed the trip to Midland, she was really good. L (lil sis) bothered her a lot. Very interested in Huron Village. Enjoyed staying in the Motel. – got a lot out of Nancy Island. Asked a lot of questions. *Little nervous at the Scenic Caves. Can’t say as I blame her…I was too. Got a beaded … Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge | Student, Teacher


…I truly believe we are all doomed. Yet, inside me is this positive spirit that always works its damnedest to persuade me otherwise. Just this morning I learned my camera is gone forever. Silly me accidentally left it in the cab that took me home from a visit back to Dodge over the weekend. Dad and MsB are up for a visit, and we all … Continue reading Sometimes

Notes from a recovering news junkie

There was a time when I could wile away many an hour in idle, digital, chitchatter.  For close to 15 years I hunted out like-minded souls who craved the need to express their not so humble opinion about everything from local newsworthy tidbits, to environmental or international concerns. Thing is, I am a news addict. Every morning I open Facebook, not to play Candy Crush, … Continue reading Notes from a recovering news junkie

Lessons of Grey

Outside my window here in the village, the rain is falling in large drops, and the sounds of thunder I can hear in the distance. Storm rolling in I guess. Dark blue grey sky’s are illuminated by these bright glowing clouds that are reflected in the wet pavement next door in the parking lot. As the rain begins to pelt the window, I look around … Continue reading Lessons of Grey

Annual Sunflowers

Luriana, Lurilee

from: LEONARD WOOLF: A BIOGRAPHY by Victoria Glendinning There was a poem called “Luriana Lurilee” which meant something to them both – Leonard quoted a stanza from it in Growing, and Virginia in To the Lighthouse. It conveys the spirit of the private Garden of Eden inhabited by Leonard and Virginia when all was well. Luriana, Lurilee by Charles Isaac Elton Come out and climb … Continue reading Luriana, Lurilee