Oh Dear

Mom, did you know that American bread is far superior to Canadian bread? Well, apparently so; or atleast according to Dad and MsB. I suspect MsB was the ringleader in this, as I have been bread shopping with her, and she has a definite opinion when it comes to bread; NONE of our Canadian bread passed her poke test. So I get a call last … Continue reading Oh Dear

Irish Hugs From A Golden Teddy Bear

Out for the longer day off morning stroll yesterday Mom, and we swung downtown via the paths that runs along the river. Wore my big Sorel boots, and slipped and slid my way through the snowy sidewalks that loop down and around the river, over Blackfriars bridge and back to the Village. I have to wear those big awkward things, otherwise my feet will freeze … Continue reading Irish Hugs From A Golden Teddy Bear

A Witness To The Introvert In Full Sail

Me again. I do believe you are the proud Mother of a work spectacle. Yes, indeed. The side-ways glances, the smiles, the awkward silences. And I’m not imagining it. I was of course worried this morn about the aftermath of Monday, after my melt down. I had left early in a crying, bawling mess, and had come like millimeters away from quitting my job. So … Continue reading A Witness To The Introvert In Full Sail