Rusty and Sam

Orange Are My Walls

You know Mom, I’ve cared, I’ve created, I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve captured moments, and said goodbye to many dreams. I’ve worked at various places, did various things, some good, some not so much.

Why not just be? Find something that makes money to live off [check], find something to keep you real [check], find that place [check], sanctify the space, and live there.

This weekend I’m in the middle of, I guess you could call it sanctifying, others would call it spring cleaning.

Spent the day yesterday cleaning corners and that closet of collected clutter and other crap. Working my way through, keeping this, chucking that, I realized that once again I find myself within a space with Orange walls, that changes in the light, illuminating the bohemian thing I’m becoming.

I find the colour inspiring now, and god alone knows it is not a colour I would have picked for myself. Too bold and brazen for the me I used to be. Yet, when I arrived at the door that first time, I loved it like one would an old friend. It reminded me of Genevieve, back in my Lady of the Cellar days.

Orange has become a colour that I have learned makes me happy. I’ve come to love the subtle shifts in hue, and the contrasts of my things with the warmth it imbues. Dare I say it, but it’s a good thing.


The Weekly Photo Challenge | Orange


  1. merlinspielen

    Your title made me read because “orange are my walls!”
    When I moved to this my new-to-me place the bedrooms were painted an Olive grey-green. The bedrooms face north so the walls felt dreary most of the day – and the rooms felt tinier than they truly are. White was suggested but that feels so clinical. I have an aversion to yellow. To brilliantly sunny – and my fear in the bedroom is that yellow would sing morningall night long. Instead I picked a pale orange. It glows soft warmth in the daylight; and fades into neutral when darkness creeps into the room.

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    1. PaulaB

      Orange is definitely the best colour for a North facing room. I’ve really grown to appreciate the way it changes throughout the course of the day. You’re right, its a very soothing colour, it warms you. It’s never dull either, but not glaringly so.

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