Fall Down Go Boom

And you know what Mom? Wishes do come true. Whilst I was tidying up outside, and looking damn hot in my red short sleeve sweater shirt and culottes, well who bicycles past my little secret garden? Twiddle-dee, and twiddle-dumn…otherwise known as mystery.texter & and mr.blue.eyes. The whole thing happened so perfect, I swear, I couldn’t have scripted it better, it was like something I would … Continue reading Fall Down Go Boom

Just So You Know

Right…so… he showed up at my door, completely unexpectedly Thursday night, after another really bad day. That bad day had been preceded by other previous bad days earlier in the week. MsL calls them the Menopause Crazies…and coupled with a big’ol’panic attack, just for added flavour, well, I had me one hell of a fantastically awful week. So there I am wrapped up in my … Continue reading Just So You Know