The Hollow Tree

“I have nothing to hide except for the fact I’m broken inside.” ― Ejieh B. SUBJECT: Sycamore Tree LOCATION: The Coves, London, Ontario Perched precariously at the edge, branches outstretched to the sky, defying the inevitable. I love this tree. It is completely hollow inside, yet, it lives on. There is a symbolism here that defines a certain aspect of life, or at any rate … Continue reading The Hollow Tree

Dave’s Not Here (well actually he was and he was naked)

The clock goes tick, tock, tick, tock, and the mechanical echoing of the male Cardinal awakens the dawn light. It is morning again, Saturday morning to be exact,  and this weekend is May 24. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol for some, a big gardening weekend for others. Guess you and I Mom would fall into some a both categories, eh? Perhaps not COPIOUS amounts, but certainly some … Continue reading Dave’s Not Here (well actually he was and he was naked)

Thomas the Cat

Thomas The Cat

He couldn’t help himself. Really. Thomas is an asshole. Last week Irish and I are at D3’s for some din din, and doesn’t she go AWOL. Heart stopping panic washed over me. However, it was short lived as she was of course two doors down at the neighbour’s ~ ensconced beside this guy and his girlfriend on their front porch. She certainly is one for … Continue reading Thomas The Cat

When The Stranger Becomes Less Strange

In so many ways I strangled my youthful self with my intensity, and my ‘deep thoughts’. No ones fault, just an acknowledgement of the person I was born as in this life – serious, deep, emotional, caring, and true as the sun and the moon. Mom, I find myself in a completely different head space of late. Perhaps its the onset of spring, more sunshine … Continue reading When The Stranger Becomes Less Strange