Puppy Butt VS The Impeachment Trial

Truth be told, and I imagine I am not alone in this, I can not bring myself to watch it. I know what, when, how, where, and most definitely whom… do or do not, just getter’ done.

Republicans in the U.S. Senate seem to be a tad preoccupied with concern over Trump putting their head on a pike if they don’t do his bidding… which is… ah… a threat, right? And this doesn’t concern them?

Which, seems to be what the GOP old boys club is saying – boys will be boys. They’re willing to turn a blind eye, see no evil, hear no evil, save themselves from being, um, twitter bombed by bots.

But hey, once the Russians rig the election and get the guy back in, probably all kinds of opportunities for a few good syncophants.

Stooping even apparently to just outright admitting that the dear leader just doesn’t know what he did is bad, right? So #LeningradLindsay says.

And, so because he thinks he did nothing wrong he’s hiding all the evidence, blocking testimony and documents, because he thinks he did nothing wrong?


Sure, judges acquit people every day for that – y’all just go home, I guess ya just didn’t know it was a crime to steal money from the bank. Easy peasy lemon squeezey… and look all dem putz’s in jail… someone should tell them.

So, all that said, would much rather giggle at Pika’s curly cue tail as she navigates the snowy sidewalks with her petite little paws.

Yet I can’t completely turn away from it. I know, sadly, tis no longer hyperbole, bearing witness in an interesting time, with momentous words spoken, actions taken, us vs them, history made, divisions so deep the wounds will take some time to heal.

And WITH audio of the mob boss president saying to his two henchmen… Igor and Lev…

“Get rid of her! Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. OK? Do it.”

Even though tis trendy noir to say as much on Twitter, Democracy is not dead, not at all. Sure, it may be floundering, shaken to its roots, but not dead by a long shot.

Like someone said, wounds are where the light gets in.

If nothing else, I see how this presidency has exposed some truths to American’s that they maybe had been reluctant to see, believed had been overcome. Every generation has battles, but some are fought again and again, 3 steps forward, 1 step back.

When this is all said and done, guess lawmakers and citizens alike have a pretty good idea what areas of their government, ahem, need some work. AND, what areas of their society need some attention, infrastructure, truth, education, and dear god hope someone figures out how to get them to stop fallin’ for every rich grifter who happens by promising them the sky, this can not just be about ONE GUY.

Course, I’m the one who just coming back from the store looked both ways on a one way street… my faith has been somewhat, um, shaken of late.

Still, I’ll admit I am following this whole mess out the corner of my eye, watching, waiting, reading the usual suspects opine, whine, and see how others shine.

“Here, right is supposed to matter,” Schiff told senators last night in the 10 p.m. hour, wrapping up day two of his case against Trump, which he will conclude Friday afternoon. [WaPo]

Alas, whatever victory we may achieve in the Senate, may be hollow, as justice seems deaf, dumb, and blind. In the end we shall see how their strategy of protecting this man pans out, and what Americans think about their Senator proclaiming loyalty to one man, in opposition to that constitution o’er there blowing in the wind.

Election day will be reckoning day.

If he is so innocent, why no docs and Senate floor talks?

Unless suppressing that testimony is worth the risk to their entire careers, their country, and their oath… let THAT sink in. Corrupt and self-serving, pandering to a man who will throw them under a thundering train if it serves him, he will never be so loyal to them.

So, puppy dog tails. HIGHLY recommended.

Like, follow my Instagram cause it is all puppy bum, all the time… hard-core Pika… a friend calls it DOGUE.

She is this pint-sized bundle of magic and mayhem, oh yes, she is just the right distraction.

So, seriously, what will be will be, but hopefully at least the Senate will see, hear, and actually absorb these truths the House Managers are presenting to them. And, perhaps at least they will finally understand the real cost of that decision they make, that verdict. Might even have to perhaps have to dig inside for some of that stuff that brought them to that chair, in that place, in this momentous time in history that we are ringside for, and know that they SHALL be judged for it.

“It’s what’s made us the greatest nation on Earth. No Constitution can protect us if right doesn’t matter anymore. You know you can’t trust this president to do what’s right for this country. You can trust that he will do what’s right for Donald Trump. He’ll do it now. He’ll do it for the next several months. He’ll do it in the election if he’s allowed to. This is why, if you find him guilty, you must find that he should be removed. Because right matters. Because right matters. And the truth matters. Otherwise we are lost.” [ibid]

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