Meadow At Westminster Ponds

a few lines written today whilst remembering his grey

you come to things walking paths you used to know looking aroundI foundno secrets in the shadowsso far, far awaynow you come to thingsrenewedin your mindlurking behindtheir eyesthat can not hidelooking back at youa face you remembernow different, somehowreflectivelost in yesterday’s fearsthat once upon a time place so, you come to thingsways of looking at […]

The And

He’d buried himself in deep, like a tick. He trapped me with his kindness, for washing my mouldy dishes that had sat in the kitchen for… I do not honestly know how long.

Conspiracies Born Of Faery Farts Are Catnip For The Right-Wing Extremist

Pics in my Twitter feed this morning of Anti-maskers marching in Montreal yesterday, that bastion of European chic, infiltrated with Trump 2020 signs advocating for more of the meth lab mentality infesting our southern border. United States has gone insane, like a car crash in slow motion, and those of us on the outside view […]

Mercy For The Devil

Turning from the obsessions that lead one astray, tempted by the dark nature within us all, desires that have the power, sometimes, to even stain our heart, our spirit, our soul. Can we become selfless? Buddhism would say so, but the path in our modern hi-strung world is a difficult one. Now, binging on a […]

Summer Mornings At The Coves

“The most predominant feature of the sub-watershed, The Coves Ponds, were formed by an abandoned oxbow of the Thames River. Sedimentation from adjacent ravines and infilling by adjacent landowners have now created 3 distinct ponds; the East, West, and South Ponds. “ “The Cove ponds were described by the early explorers to this area in 1796. […]

The Return to Innocence, Poopy Cramps, And Other Stuff

Originally my plan had been to have her fixed this fall with my bonus money. Well, no job, no bonus money, no fix. So, off into that growing pile, like all the rest of it, like my no good rotten horrible teeth. No idea how this will all work this year mom, my teeth, her, […]

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Karen Told To Wear A Freakin’ Mask

Questioning our sanity, on days that end in Y, has become a habit many I guess now engage in, testing the waters, reading the news, trends on Twitter, and shake our head and sigh. I escape, go to my sanctuary, my shelter from the plague outside my door, of the virus kind, and the hatred […]

Whilst Waiting For T-Stain And The Sycophants And Their Evil Plot To Destroy Me

Lately I’ve found myself just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, reading, processing, ignoring, walking, eating, drinking tea, smoking my cylinders of sin on the stoop in the garden, not having one single clue, what to do, either next, or never, or while I wait, or if I should wait, or what to woo. What to do? Teeth […]

A Descendant Of Slaveholders Speaks Her Truth

Bigotry, xenophobia, racism, prejudices that maintain our ingrained subjugation of some, for the maintenance of white privilege. I can not very well stand in judgment, as I am well aware of the quiet systemic racism, alive and viciously defended even here in my O’Canada, as my twitter feed of late has clarified. From a certain […]

and i have only words

there is a plague spewing hateinto our eyesholding aloftblasphemytries to denythat black lives matterand i watch it all unfoldon secular groundbeyond a goda worda man nor womanan ideologyperhaps, a new philosophymarching in the streetsagainst their hypocrisythey singLean On Meas dusk descendson that once mighty hilldefending their democracyinside this inequalityburrows all our fatewe pray it is […]

Looks Like The 2020s Are Gonna Make The 60s Look Like The 50s

Hey mom, up again at this ungodly hour, second day in a row. I don’t know, 2AM rolls around and for some unknown reason my body wakes me up, and I stumble to the kitchen to check the time, after a pee, with wee Pika streaming along behind, tripping over her as I turn back […]

Nurturing Good Doggy Manners With A Taoist Flow

Well, so, it was hot and humid, and Pika and I spent most of the day outdoors. I was thirsty, so figured she was too, and went in earlier and filled up a water dish for her, and glass of water for myself. Set out the dish in a shady spot. As the sun moved […]

The Wee Wanker Learns To Bark, UGH, At Everything

You know, one thing lil Pika and I will probably never agree on… is the perfect temperature. As she sits next to me here in my chair shivering away, and so I put her blankie on her, and still her wee body trembles. I have learned since she came into my life, that Chihuahuas shiver […]

The Joyful Abandon Of Puppies On Grass

Think I just discovered a new favourite place. I have biked through on the main path, and a few years ago Irish and I explored by the river, and poked around. But I guess I just had forgotten how beautiful this little back woods spot was. It’s a good park for physical distancing. Beside the […]

Can We Just Make Dystopian Hellscapes Fiction Again?

Dentistry Department at the University finally called, and my appointment was cancelled, as expected, they are still closed, non-essential. It was just for the consultation, but it was a step forward. Finally, I think it has all fallen into place, and 2020 walks in, says… not so fast… you’re on a time out for some […]

Chi on my lap soaking up the rays of RA

Elder Wisdom For A World Gone Mad

Well, it finally happened, discovered late in the morning yesterday that it was in fact Saturday. Surprisingly that was the first day I got confused. It did come as a bit of a surprise, as I was thinking Thursday, or possibly Friday, but not Saturday. Which means Friday was a blur, went by without notice… […]

i love

i love… earth under my fingernailsi love… shades of green on a spring dayi love… a fresh page in a 3-ring notebooki love… song of cardinals welcoming the dawni love… a bowl of tomato soup with lots of crackersi love… magic that hides in the shadows made by the lighti love… sunshine on my face […]

Blue Skies and A Pathway thru a meadow

And So We Go On A Weekly Wear Out The Pop-Goes-The-Weasel Walk To Euston

Unfollowing we will go, unfollowing we will go, heigh ho, bye bye get lost, Unfollowing we will go. I know this stuff wasn’t around when you were alive… never-the-less… just imagine if could curate the news, get rid of the things you didn’t want to see, add things you do, simply and instantly. That is […]

straw and shower curtain

A Peek At Where I Hang My Hats

On the stoop yesterday aft, productive day, as the doggo got a walko, and other things I needed to do, and we spent some quality time on the stoop. Watching the world go by, and while there is less of it, or less people, there are people. Actually, more people, but spaced out people throughout […]

Musings On The Misguided Buying Habits Of The Tea Deprived

Over the last couple months I have developed a fondness for Tea. Black Tea, Chia Tea, oh, and especially any sort of herbal Tea, and of course Green Tea. I mean I liked tea before, but with these days and nights sort of streaming together, to liven up boring water, and it is very comforting. […]

young girl in front of saucer Magnolia Tree

A Letter From A Poor Old Widow In Her Weeds

This was actually a no-no, but remember once I went to work with ol’Rodger the Dodger, on the train, from London to central Detroit. The trains go through the scary tunnel that runs underneath the river. So, here I am on this freight train barrelling down the track towards an opening that as we quickly […]

Vernal Vibes Of Canadian Woodlands

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Oh, Ya, This Is Bringing Up Some Ghosts Of Grey For Me

I dream of one day living on some plot of land, maybe with a little river or stream burbling by, with a sunny spot for a veggie plot. Live in a Tiny House, a place far enough away to have seclusion, but close enough to bike in to town for what I need. Solitude I […]

sisters on old 70s pukey green sofa

So Mom, Lex Is A #CuomoSexual

All about finding all the good stuff lately, like really trying, searching for it, cause, god knows there is a heaping helping of bad just waiting to bite. So, the first, is that not wanting to just run to the grocery store when I have a craving for this that or that other thing, because […]

Puppy On Guard

A Strange Kinda Freedom In Lockdown, And A Puppy Dog On Guard For Me

After washing my underwear in the sink, which BTW mom is very satisfying, and by doing most of my laundry in the sink on an as needed basis I don’t have to see people. WINNING. Now I shall spend the rest of my day daydreaming on the stoop, or we will. Yesterday spent the afternoon […]

The Heartbreaking Reality Unfolding Down Yonder In The Land Of My Birth

Gnash my teeth, if I had any left, seething rage, as I watch the number of positive tests for the virus tick up, and deaths mount across the land, and thousands are going to die needlessly because of the inaction of one man. Incompetence, or evil, same difference, whether with ignorance of intent, the dead […]

Panic, Pandemic, and The Fifth Letter To The Prettiest Girl In Town

Over the last 48 hours, I have gnashed my teeth in rage at some peoples utter and complete ignorance, and had tears streaming down my face at the courage and heart of the human experience. So mom, things have changed a bit since I wrote you… what… 2 weeks now? Or, maybe its more that […]

remains of the old vic

walking past ruinson a sunny day, i strayedreplaying those days remains of the Old Victoria Hospital – 1875 – 2013

Letters To The Prettiest Girl In Town ~ 1

Stopped to take a breath, and WHOOSH, February was almost half-way gone and I had not done the things I needed to do. Things I should have done a long, long time ago. Fear and worry paralyzing me, of course over-thinking it all, of which you too were a victim, had entangled me for much […]

Because Change Is The Only Constant

Struggled with this post, how to start, if to start, what to say, what not to say. As with all first steps, all beginnings, journeys, all of that, the first step is hard, takes a bit of facing fears, embracing truths, acknowledging desires, dreams, looking forward. This will be one of a series, but that […]

Discipline And Truth, Politics And Puppies, Lessons And Letting Go

So long since I had a puppy, I don’t even remember any longer how I trained her to sit, stay, can’t recall any of that. I suppose I must have done little sessions of treat induced training, but I don’t remember. I mean, it was almost 20 years ago, so there’s that. Over the last […]

Endings, Choices, And What Happens After

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein Endings, beginnings, death and life, these cyclic events define so much, show so much, expose so much, and are rife with emotions. Let’s start with the endings. The first ending felt like abandonment, and took me, all of us […]

They Called It The Antler River

Thames River – Deshkan Ziibi (“Antler River”) in Anishnaabemowin, the Ojibwe language spoken by Anishnaabe peoples. LOCATION: Harris Park, London, Ontario, Canada

Puppy Butt VS The Impeachment Trial

Truth be told, and I imagine I am not alone in this, I can not bring myself to watch it. I know what, when, how, where, and most definitely whom… do or do not, just getter’ done. Republicans in the U.S. Senate seem to be a tad preoccupied with concern over Trump putting their head […]

the hazy light

it washed the shadowsaway, if just for todayfor Pika and i

to the pond with Pika

sun glistenscasting mid-afternoon shadow her little puppy feetprancing thru the snowand down we goto the East Pondlistening to bird songCardinals and Warblers and chicka-dee-dee off in the shrubberynew smells and things to see

Death Throes, And The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Things that laid the groundwork for where we are today. Or, at least where some Americans are, as the majority are no longer falling for the feed the rich starve the poor, the wealthy are gods we shall allow free rein to reign, and call it Oligarchy, Aristocracy, Autocracy, or whatnot, most aren’t haven’ it. […]

Truth And Lies In A Time Of Selfies

As my bag of tissue fills up, *sniff sniff* … *atchoooo*, so I’ve been home sick, horizontal fading in and out between old Time Team specials, or vertical in my chair perusing the news, as it steamrolled through. Which of course also means that Pika Poo had my undivided attention, and spent her time between […]

The Significance Of Diplomacy And Lights In The Dark

If a couple pieces of bread are mouldy, do you throw out the whole loaf? Do you ignore the mouldy bits and consume it anyways? Take things out of the broader context due to desperation, making decisions out of dire necessity, rather than from a calm consideration of our own best interests. And, what we […]

This Too Shall Pass, They Are Not Puppies For Long

Break in the rain yesterday afternoon, and on a whim decided to take Pika for a walk, and why is it do you imagine, when wearing barefeet in rubber boots, jacket thrown on, with the ragged eaten away BamBam jammie shirt she destroyed peeking out, like I’m wearing the skin of some wild cat underneath, […]

So, About My Modus Operandi And The Shrapnel Of My Delusions

I am seriously blessed to work for a company that, while they may not do get everything right, and what company does, but dang, they get the important stuff. So, early last summer at work they sat us down in the meeting room, HR person from HQ was there, and she proceeded to tell me […]

The Warp And The Weft Of A Cocky Chihuahua

When I was in my late teens, early 20s, my parents had this male Doberman, named Murphy. He was beautiful. They got him as a puppy, and I remember how feisty and how furiously he would grab your pant legs, attack anything that moved, and when he was a puppy it was cute, but he […]

Images And Ideologies Of My Deconstruction Decade

Caught between a paradise and a prison, in a web of lies, by lakeside, under a narcissists control, she was lonely, sad, carrying around a broken heart, wounded by life’s raw deal, that woman was an easy mark. So, that decade ended last night. That her, that once was has been changed, piece by piece. […]

Crackhead And Sh!tstain, A Big Bad Wolf, And A Merry Yadda Yadda

Actually, ignored my phone almost the entire time I was at my sisters for Christmas. From Christmas eve till Boxing Day when we left, barely touched it, no desire nor interest, didn’t care anything about what was transpiring down yonder, and it was wonderful. Writing so much the last couple years about that incompetent crybaby […]

A Long Walk To Euston

Just noticed recently, she has white whiskers on her chin. Catch her in the right light, at the right angle, like this morn at dawn. Maybe a little inheritance, somehow, from my bearded Irish lassie? Anywho, 3 or so little white whiskers poke out, right there in the little white spot of her chin. She […]

Chihuahua head tilt

The History And Temperament Of The Magical Chihuahua

Not being an aficionado of smaller breeds of dogs, and certainly not Chihuahua’s, I was surprised at a few factoids about them. My experience was generally limited to the Taco Bell dog and yappy little vicious wee monsters, barely registering on my dog-o-meter. Now, sure, Pika’s father may have some, um, trust issues, and his […]

Chihuahua Puppy looking at the camera

The Little Chi That Poo’d 💩

Strides have been made, on the surface it would appear otherwise, alas, success is not a science, but a feeling. Such as, the bathroom kennel is working superbly, and now when I leave hear nary a peep, nor a whine. On my return, a sleeply little happy one greets me, and that tis a success, […]

Impeachment, Though, You Know, Que Sera Sera, And A Quid Nor A Quo, Even So

With the new puppy taking up my time, lavishing me with Pika poo, and playing squeaky toy games with Stink, I’ve engaged in less politics, read less, watched less. Pondering, I suppose, more pondering of late than opinions. No conclusions, though. Finding myself more and more with this desire to just stand back, watch, listen, […]

Do Right-wing Men Just Want Their Mommy?

Just in case all ya ladies out there need a refresher, this gentleman on Twitter has provided us with a helpful list of, um, features we should acquire. Someone should explain to @KellyAnnePolls… “don’t let degeneracy take away your femininity“. Ok, I’ll admit my first reaction was rank ire at the audacity of some shitestain […]

Lessons From The Pack Whilst Heading Down i95

Every once in a while, for summer vacation, or for Christmas, my younger sister and I would be awoken well before the dawn, bags packed the night before sitting in a pile in the living room, ready for dad to work his magic of getting it all to fit into the trunk of whatever vehicle […]

Let Me Tell Ya Bout My Flying Chihuahua Ninja Weasel

She is so small she fits under everything, and is impossible to catch. With her head cocked to the one side, her cuteness betrays a quick and devious mind. Seriously friggin’ devious, I have not blawdy encountered one as devious. At 4 months, she is clever and curious, and so not to be trusted, […]

Houdini, Loyal Lap dogs And Sycophants, Be D@mned

Ok, so came home from work a few days ago to be met at the door by the wee daemon ninja weasel. Which was kinda a surprise since I’d put her in her crate when I left. Went over to said crate to find she had somehow figured out the zipper and had unzipped the […]

Old Dog Toys Teach A New Dog Poise

The pint size puppa-roonie and I are settling in, getting used to that empty space in our lives, with Irish gone. Though, bits and pieces of her wuft out from under dressers, and so she is still ever present. Now Pika, I don’t know what she feels, but I will say that when the mobile […]

My Lady Of The Lake, Adieu

She arrived at our door late the night after New Year’s Eve, with one of the residents who’d come up with friends from the city to celebrate. When first I spied them, it was her frosted golden face I saw, eyes with a look of a bit of panic, and to her right our friend. […]

Politics, Professionalism, The Puppy, And Poop

They reach right in and grab your heart in their tinsy little paws, naughty love bites to cement the deal, and the wee vixen pulls at the strings. It just came to me, you know, we are a pack, Pika Daemon Ninja Weasel and The Old Golden One named Irish and I. Case in point, […]

So I Be Chillin’ With A Wee Beastie, Watching It Blow By Without Me

You know, over the years I find I have become rather adept at acknowledging when that feeling, that sense of foreboding, knowing the cycle is setting to shift into a downward spiral, learned when I needed a nudge up. Recognizing that all the hard work of months and months, and over the years, the crafting, […]

Teaching The New Dog An Old Dogs Tricks

Such it is with puppies, they come in and nuzzle your world with their puppy dog eyes and unconditional joy. Watching her adoringly shadow the ol’Golden One, eating with the big dog, watching in awe as these two find their way, one at the beginning, and one at the end. Irish’s now cloudy old eyes […]

For To Smile Tis Why, Day By Day

When I was growing up our family dog was named Jinx. Up until then the only poochie we had known was dear old Goober, who was a Weimaraner, often referred to as the “silver ghost” of dogs. Though, Goober did not acquire the sleek profile of his breed, as he had a rather more lumbering […]

autumn is

for if not for fallwatching trees reveal themselveswould truth set me free

How To Mute The Trolls Of Chaos

Recently I muted Trump on twitter. Now whenever there is a tweet that quotes his tweet, I see a lovely banner reading “this tweet is unavailable”… awwwweee. The awesome sense of just a bit of control, of not having to see his ridiculous words, I mean, seriously, what could I possibly be missing? Nothing good […]

A Little Rain On The Parade Of Boos

Last night the moron and chief was somehow convinced to attend a UFC match at Madison Square Gardens, and again, my twitter feed was filled with more booing towards arguably the most despised president in U.S. history. I didn’t watch any of them until this morning, but I take some satisfaction at watching the worst […]

Memories Of Honour In A Time Of Greed

u reap what you sow”, I often heard from my other Grandma, my Canadian one. For her, how you treated others was a defining truth, a test of one’s character, and showed to you what lay at their core.

Conscious Allowing, Or How I Learned To Live Alone

With the Canadian election over, done and dusted, Trudeau won, and the U.S. election off on the horizon, impeachment looming, scandal after scandal, and the nest of criminals and con artists Trump has surrounded himself with being exposed, maybe I’m a bit tired of that whole mess. Perhaps time for reflection, tis that time of […]

Impeaching We Will Go, Impeaching We Will Go, Hi Ho, Democracy, Impeaching We Will Go

The very roots of America lie in revolution, pushing off the yoke of monarchy and aristocracy. Revolutions of ideas and ideals, fought for and hard won, not by committee but by blood. Arrogant, sure of itself, proud, free, spreading the gospel of democracy around the world. But, then something shifted. With the magnificent success of […]

And To Thy Own Self Be True

The thing that define those of moral courage, certainly intelligence, perhaps more importantly though is foresight, the wisdom that tells them to look into the middle distance, and not just stare at their feet and mumble “yes sir, no sir”. That is what Marie Yovanovitch, former U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine did yesterday, she saw […]

In Her Great And Unmatched Wisdom, She Warned What He Would Do

Last week had lunch with dad and MsB. So, my dad is American, him and MsB both voted for Trump, and to my knowledge still support him. And, we do not discuss it. Dad tries, coming at it via Canadian Politics, probably hoping to draw me out; yet I always avoid any mention. Always. I […]

When The Coward Of The Country Is The Commander In Chief

There are those, in terms of the scandal involving Ukraine, that will argue that the situation is complicated, they will say the president is just routing out corruption, or whatever malarkey, but they are incorrect. It is actually not complicated. In fact the president has made it easy, and straightforward, and every move he makes […]

Lessons Learned Whilst Living With a Liar

There is an effigy of his greed and corruption that hangs over everything he touches, as he rages at the bombs of truth. This confluence of ignorance and narcissistic tweets, and in the shadows stands with knowing eyes the ghosts of the founding fathers this 45th has betrayed. We watch as the swamp creatures that […]

A Little Kompromat With An American Swing

Picture if you will the Secretary of State and the Attorney General of the United States running around the world with this rogue whackjob ex-Mayor of New York City spreading this debunked conspiracy to smear the presidents rival. Does take a bit to digest that these conspiracy theory nutjobs are running the show down there, […]

My Patriotic Divide, And A Sock

One tidbit of info I learned the other day, of note, via a tweet from Asha Rangappa, is “… one of the talking points pushed by Russia’s troll farm was that there would be a civil war if Democrats tried to impeach Trump”. And this particular “coinkydink” just happened to be mentioned in the Mueller […]

One Schmuck, Two Schmuck, Whistleblower Please

You recall that bogus permanent record thing-a-ma-bobber we were threatened with in our ill-begotten youth? So that is now a reality, and Edward Snowden was who was charged for revealing this little factoid to us, and now hiding in Russia because of that. He’s been making the rounds since the publication of his new book, […]


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Life In The Spin Cycle, Day 983

How do we answer back to the average right wing MAGA? Take a page from their playbook and turn it back, and remind them that corrupt or not, Hilary is in the past, let’s keep our eye on the ball.

And, We’re Off

Yes, the times have certainly found us, with impeachment on the horizon now, and with the Ukrainian story in mind, let us not forget a couple realities. First off, how bout we just get this one out of the way, we all know Russia plays dirty. Once Putin’s devious little mind is set, on a […]