• And Just Think, Accountants Brought Down The Mob
    Hutchison was on the inside, she was on Trump team, and as an aide to the Chief of Staff, and special assistant to the president, she once worked for House Republican Whip Steve […]
  • Learnings of An Optimistic Cynic GenXr For When This Cruel Ol’World Lets You Down
    From sea to shining sea, the 3-headed monster of self-righteous evangelical missionary Christian continues its streak, bashing everyone over the head with their aggressive campaign to get everything they want, regardless of the […]
  • And They Said, “With Sorrow – We Dissent”
    Linda had been exploring Grandmas vast array of magazines that she had laying about here and there, Life, National Geographic. Well, so I guess little Linda came across a word she didn’t know. Comes in with the magazine, opens it up, and says “mom, what’s Abortion?”.