• Me And A [email protected]^~ Fern
    When I walked in the store, I knew exactly where it was. Had watched it these last few weeks. Saw it when it first arrived, in its latte brown clay cover pot, and its lovely soft blue-grey leaves. Mesmerized, I left my grocery cart by the salads, out of the way, and went over to touch its beautiful leaves. I was enchanted. But, I left …
  • Who To Watch When The Political World Seems Too Much
    I can go lolling off into lala land, not a care in the world for what that scanky right-wing radical said, or what this troll trolled about trolling, not a peek of a dang care for the Muskovites Twitter files, I just ignore them all… PFT. I know, cause I know who knows, don’t you know.
  • Hidden Creatures Come Forth
    I’ve become rather obsessed the last couple of days with teasing forth these creatures from my nature photos. Playing with the reflect tool in Polarr, adjusting this and that, I find them and draw them out. Some have a rather surrealist aspect I really like, as well as a nod to Urban Fantasy. Well, first off, I call them THE CREATURES. Suppose or lack of …