A Re-Imagining of the Inner Sanctum

Yesterday was my first day off after the most recent shift-bid at work.  I worked my first two 10 hour shifts, and awoke with the realization I was in need of a change. It’s not merely that I don’t like how my place looks, it was more that I don’t like how I’m utilizing it. I’ve grown to dislike the worship the bed look, and the fact I spend all my non-working hours upon … Continue reading A Re-Imagining of the Inner Sanctum

Redefining The Details

Today the air was mild, and the sun poked its head out for a few hours in the afternoon, so off I went with Irish for a walk. Nothing like a sunny afternoon walk around the quiet village streets… letting Irish sniff the News till her heart’s content. I have spent this whole weekend customizing this blog. Re-aligning, re-defining, and such. Once the creative juices … Continue reading Redefining The Details

Boho-Zen in a Small Space

The colours outside are changing, and so I figured it would be a fantastic time to change the colours on the inside. Well, more add to the colours is more correct. So, with a paintbrush and imagination in hand, I began to paint the kitchen. You see, I’ve always wanted to live in a bachelor apartment. I mean, call me crazy, but the efficiency, location and … Continue reading Boho-Zen in a Small Space