What Lies Beyond

… the Newfie Neighbours shoulder Funny thing about this shot is when I took it none of us knew about the fish UNTIL just after I took the picture .. than all 3 of us heard this big SPLASH. Rotten neighbour had got into the lake before us…so I was taking a picture. Well, what […]


Bits and pieces

 ~♦~ I go out ~♦~ ~♦~ I come in ~♦~ It’s everywhere, all around are bits and pieces; those innocuous red Lanterns found on walks, and white bows from a funeral basket bring flashes. Here I can’t escape them. Every room holds more reminders of my time with Tim. I never did make it to […]


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: LINES

Ok, so let’s try this again. Some of you received this post and what do your wondering eyes behold? Nothing. That is because I am composing these posts under less than ideal circumstances. First and foremost, getting my laser mouse to go where I want it to is a Jedi mind trick. My laser keyboard […]