Re-Arranging My Life: Inside Out

After an annoying walk with pull the skin off my hands Irish, I came home, broke open the kitchen window, and went on a spree. A good ol’sweep, mop and scrub and get to the bottom of, ol’ clean-up. Moved everything around alittle, moved this piece here, block this view, open up and move around some light – wrangle the Irish Dust Bunnies. Get the … Continue reading Re-Arranging My Life: Inside Out

Boho-Zen in a Small Space

The colours outside are changing, and so I figured it would be a fantastic time to change the colours on the inside. Well, more add to the colours is more correct. So, with a paintbrush and imagination in hand, I began to paint the kitchen. You see, I’ve always wanted to live in a bachelor apartment. I mean, call me crazy, but the efficiency, location and … Continue reading Boho-Zen in a Small Space