Which Way To Peace?

How is Peace achieved? There are no easy answers nor is there one direction that leads towards that elusive thing called peace, and this song recognizes the incongruity that exists even to this day. Yet once that goal is set, once we recognize that differences in opinion are but small things when taken within the context of thousands upon thousands of individuals looking towards the same goal, it gains value.

Regardless of how we do it, the very fact that we feel a need to join and strive towards the same goal, that is what defines us and that is our strength.

For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield – written by Stephen Stills and released in ’67, this song and the lyrics are as true today as they were 46 years ago.

“Blessed are those who do whatever they can wherever they are, for no one is devoid of resources or opportunities.” Daniel Quinn

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  1. Kozo

    I can’t believe this song was released 46 years ago. We really need get back to the late 60s and 70s. Something really good was happening then. Thanks for gifting this song for peace, Paula.


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