Letters To The Prettiest Girl In Town


“From me to you”

You seem to be growing up so quickly. Last week or the week before we had a long discussion about where a baby comes from & how they’re made. I hope you understood at least part of what I told you. If you ever have a question about that or anything else I hope you will always come to me for an answer, or just someone to talk anything over with. I don’t want to know all your thoughts, but if you ever have a problem I’m willing to listen if you want.

from the Red Duo-Tang

“I’ll write to you A super-long letter, like in an old-fashioned novel”

Haruki Murakami, After Dark

That quote from The Red Duo-Tang, I was 8 years old. Reminiscing lately, suppose, and thought I should acknowledge that as mom wrote to me in the Red Duo-Tang, sometimes I write to her.

As with many things (ok, all) in 2020, the letters to mom started out as a way to work through something I’ve dreaded doing for years. Finally, this was the year. Mom had experienced this just a couple of years before she died, and so I felt compelled to, well, talk to her; just like I would have if she was alive.

Yeah, and, just like everything else this year, well, the universe had other plans.

This story I will complete, when it is complete.


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