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APRIL 27/76

[8 1/2 Years Old]
* Very saucy. Rolls her eyes when she’s told to do anything. Always in a foul mood when she gets home from school. Complains of a headache. She really is a trial right now with her sauciness.
* We went to Aunt Jo’s on Sunday and she was so good. A perfect little lady. When we got home she and Lexi fought till they went to bed.
* She gets so mad at Lexi. I can’t say as I blame her. Lexi bothers her a lot.
* Has no patience with little kids.
{hence I suppose why I never had any}

rd-1Tis often, Mom, that I flip open those tattered pink pages, and I am reminded of your voice, and who you really were, and not just all these entangled, sad memories I have of you.

How could you possibly have known how precious your words would become to us? That’s the beauty of it, I suppose. The gift of your words, when there would come a time when they would be all that we had left of you.

February 15/77

“From me to you”
You seem to be growing up so quickly. Last week or the week before we had a long discussion about where a baby comes from & how they’re made. I hope you understood at least part of what I told you. If you ever have a question about that or anything else I hope you will always come to me for an answer, or just someone to talk anything over with. I don’t want to know all your thoughts, but if you ever have a problem I’m willing to listen if you want

Well, so today is Sunday and I have a long week ahead – working 44 hours a week. Ugh. Must enjoy this glorious sunny day. Think I’ll take Irish down to the coves today perhaps, maybe collect some branches to use as décor for my stoop. Later I’m making chilli and hoping a friend I invited decides to venture forth to the village to enjoy with me. He’s a jeweller that lives downtown I met at my pub, and I’m helping him design and launch his Facebook site. Figured some good chilli may help the ol’creative juices flow.

It’s good to learn to finally appreciate the simple pleasures and to know when to partake in joy, instead of wallowing in confusion. Walking away tis the best way I’ve learned to combat confusion, sadness, pain. Put foot to sidewalk, or path, and walk it out of you. Then sweep the house, wash the dishes, and make sure you have clean underwear for the week ahead. This is my perfect Sunday ritual.



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