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So Mom, Lex Is A #CuomoSexual

All about finding all the good stuff lately, like really trying, searching for it, cause, god knows there is a heaping helping of bad just waiting to bite.

So, the first, is that not wanting to just run to the grocery store when I have a craving for this that or that other thing, because of my more sedentary life the last few months since work ended, I am gaining weight and could stand to miss a few meals.

So that’s a good thing. Instead, drinking herbal tea, ignoring stupid cravings, but I got nothin’ snacky anyways left.

It helps that satisfying this wistful craving means having to venture forth from the security of my home, and enter through those sliding doors to maybe become infested with a killer virus… so I stay put and eat a dry ramen noodle instead.

Always some sort of silver-lining to most things, eh? As stretching out my visits to the scary virus laden grocery store, means I am challenged to make things work, and think creatively, so that’s not a bad thing.

Not a bad thing to be forced into doing those things you have meant to do.

Another positive thing is how refreshing, heck, how proud most Canadians feel at the federal and provincial levels of government working together cross the country.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, another regular sparring partner of Trudeau’s, said in a news conference earlier on Thursday that he would “never break ranks” with the prime minister or his fellow premiers in the midst of a crisis. In an interview with the Toronto Star, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland called Ford her “therapist” and the Ontario premier reciprocated her praise.

It is the kind of unity of purpose among Canada’s first ministers that is almost without precedent.

Gazing yonder south, maybe our more derisive leaders decided to grow a pair and act like the responsible adults most Canadians desire from their elected officials.

America can have their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Canadians prefer boring ol’good government.

Daily we watch leadership down south in that quagmire of chaos, federal divisions pitted against state governors and many Canadians, many worldwide, stand in shock at what we see transpiring.

Governor Cuomo of New York has shone through the BS brewing from D.C. and has stepped up and taken responsibility, talked straight and honestly.

And you know mom, it is amazing to watch, as rationality starved citizens across the country have turned to his daily briefings. His good governance is soothing them, and gives them that hope that the incompetent evil boob in D.C. is incapable of.

Heck, to be honest mom, most people now just assume 45 and all his evil cohorts are just in it for themselves, cause they don’t really care all that much about who lives or who dies, busy counting shekels off the profits of body bags piling up outside hospitals in refrigerator trucks lined up outside loading docks.

So, now that the younger Cuomo brother Chris from CNN has tested positive, stuck in his basement, the two are offering a taste of normalcy, of sibling rivalry, of family stories they share, of concern, of hope, and wholesome helpings of humour.

Yes, so, ol’lexter is quite smitten with the older Cuomo bro, the governor of New York. He epitomizes that #NewYorkTough, tell er like it is, and makes all the scary stuff he has to say, well, makes it easier to digest, you know?

That today is the sad reality of all this, watching helplessly as it all transpires down yonder, and she is most definitely not alone in searching for that leader, that hero in the storm.

As we watch them in Washington tripping over each other in competition to see who can be the most incompetent boob, pleasing their incompetent boob, we are fairly confident that whole crew around the POTUS are propping up this fool because they see him as their meal ticket, and what’s a 100 to 200 hundred thousand lives when one is busy acquiring wealth and power?

So, leaders like Cuomo are rare in all this, as few can come to the plate and lead, with so much stacked against them, I mean their own federal government working against them. So, yeah mom, Cuomo shows em how its done.

And, just to hammer it home as to how messed up America is, CNN features another of the crazy mutherfocker MAGAts who believes Jesus Christ Superstar has them covered in his blood, eh? So, of course, that means they can just go do whatever they want, wherever they want. And, when asked, SHOCKINGly {not}, all their so-called Christian values fly out the window, twits admit they couldn’t care less about their fellow neighbour, family member or friend. Nope, all about them.

Basically, they believe their guy wants them to gather in groups, potentially killing their family, friends, neighbours, so they can fall down on their knees to worship him… and everyone else be damned?

Sounds like a really nice guy.

We are next door to the epicentre of a ginormous ignoramus shiteshow.

Some governors are refusing to take charge, refusing to protect their citizens, and there are actually still states allowed to gather at churches, in parks and on beaches, stores open, everyone just goes about their day, not instructed to physically distance, and being told by their religious leaders, their local governments outright lies, as more people die.

This virus doesn’t care if you believe in it or not, it will still infect you and do its level best to destroy your lungs regardless of whose blood you are covered in.

Many don’t seem to grasp that the real danger is that if you get hurt, or need the hospital for something else while they are being swamped by people in ICU gasping for air due to this virus, they may not have the staff or space to help you.

Ugh…anyways… whilst chatting to your younger daughter last night… er… she did most of the chatting… wine induced… anyway… I came across this little ditty about her new crush, and so it would seem that she is most definitely not alone in her love of this #NewYorkTough Governor.

So, that’s all for now mom. Getting through this, day by day. It is good to sometimes be reminded, you know, to be grateful, appreciate the surrounding people, your community, your family, appreciate simple stuff, like going places, common sense, all these things that we take for granted.

Anywho… Love you,

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