The Sisters

they light up the room blow out the candles cheer you fear you put their feet on your side of the car. some are younger, others older, and she knows your scars, as she caused a few. she may criticize analyze, you over wine, which often ends well. they hear you know you and bestow […]


Honouring the Mud Duck with a Roast

When my sister and I were growing up, every few years we’d go down and visit our Dad’s family – Grandma & GrandpaN, CousinC & UncleN, and AuntJ, supported by a whole cast of other characters and cousins. It was quite the experience to journey down into the heart of the Old South. There is a […]


Broken Lamps and Other Mishaps

Yesterday was just one of those days were you’re like “what the heck did I do to deserve today”!!? Right from the moment I awoke, it started. In a half-sleepy daze my sister informs me that Irish pee’d on the shower mat downstairs. Lovely. Not sure what happened there, since I let her out before […]