and i have only words

there is a plague spewing hateinto our eyesholding aloftblasphemytries to denythat black lives matterand i watch it all unfoldon secular groundbeyond a goda worda man nor womanan ideologyperhaps, a new philosophymarching in the streetsagainst their hypocrisythey singLean On Meas dusk descendson that once mighty hilldefending their democracyinside this inequalityburrows all our fatewe pray it is […]


i love

i love… earth under my fingernailsi love… shades of green on a spring dayi love… a fresh page in a 3-ring notebooki love… song of cardinals welcoming the dawni love… a bowl of tomato soup with lots of crackersi love… magic that hides in the shadows made by the lighti love… sunshine on my face […]


are they u s

for the cacophony a travesty of winning delusional greatness to distractfrom their molotov cocktailscatastrophe entangling them u s you in his derived lies he tells them to u s too we you pawned for putins puppet just to prop uphis profit are we u s you laughing at them as they at u s in […]