a short poem not about plants

so, I was all set. tea made. idea almost in reach and I was sideswiped by a friendwith Pika’s sister in towand her best bud Poppy ugh. so. we kvetchedok, i kvetched he can’t talk much brain injurysodrank beertold me I reminded him of Margaret Thatchereventuallyafter some timei guess that’s kinda a hard one to mime– which maybe I deservedas I was expounding on the … Continue reading a short poem not about plants

from the logos Of stardust

lingering in the air unseen forces declare confusion, delusion as I stare into the void standing still, unrequited indulging lust release, receive, breath elemental Taurus of love, beauty, stability temperance guide my hand and mind authenticity my karmic destiny and lunar ecliptic energies creative entanglements, illuminate a disturbance of trust, of the force of my will, my self, revealed to me severs connectivity of it, … Continue reading from the logos Of stardust

Meadow At Westminster Ponds

a few lines written today whilst remembering his grey

you come to things walking paths you used to know looking aroundI foundno secrets in the shadowsso far, far awaynow you come to thingsrenewedin your mindlurking behindtheir eyesthat can not hidelooking back at youa face you remembernow different, somehowreflectivelost in yesterday’s fearsthat once upon a time place so, you come to thingsways of looking at myselfanewfrom deep insidewhere the monsters used to hideand stare them … Continue reading a few lines written today whilst remembering his grey

and i have only words

there is a plague spewing hateinto our eyesholding aloftblasphemytries to denythat black lives matterand i watch it all unfoldon secular groundbeyond a goda worda man nor womanan ideologyperhaps, a new philosophymarching in the streetsagainst their hypocrisythey singLean On Meas dusk descendson that once mighty hilldefending their democracyinside this inequalityburrows all our fatewe pray it is not too latemy eyes tear stained at the sightwe watch … Continue reading and i have only words

i love

i love… earth under my fingernailsi love… shades of green on a spring dayi love… a fresh page in a 3-ring notebooki love… song of cardinals welcoming the dawni love… a bowl of tomato soup with lots of crackersi love… magic that hides in the shadows made by the lighti love… sunshine on my face after the dark days of winteri love… watching a puppy … Continue reading i love