are they u s

for the cacophony a travesty of winning delusional greatness to distractfrom their molotov cocktailscatastrophe entangling them u s you in his derived lies he tells them to u s too we you pawned for putins puppet just to prop uphis profit are we u s you laughing at them as they at u s in this perverse universe led down Pennsylvania Avenue by a broke … Continue reading are they u s

and there i was down that crazy river

preaching my gospelthe ragehis betrayaloh, that ragethis new friend knew all to wellthough her skepticism dripped, she didn’t believe that it would ever let her gojust one year onburied understillfresh in its certaintywhere mine had burned awaylong agobrought forthfor her to seehow i used to bethe vows we brokealong with my heartyet it was no longer the boss of meand turning to leave,i had to … Continue reading and there i was down that crazy river


at walmartand a festival another high schoolpraying in churchin the first gradeat a moviewhile at workat the collegein Americafrom sea to shining seain Americamore slaughterdripping bloodon the red, white and bluebut does it matter tothat presidentwho commands their fatehe who worships goldhe was bought and soldon corporate greedfor foreign soiland dreams of coaljust thoughts and prayershe deceivesjust pretends to caremaking America greatfor more terrorists of … Continue reading another