lines written sitting out on my stoop

i am carried
by her voice
out in my wabi-sabi garden
from the potholes of ignorance
and sociopaths smiles
holding loft a baby child, a pawn
for his campaign
  so i need the prayer 
     of a guy named Dante
whilst the cicada's hum
     i watch
       the wind move the
       fountain grass
       listening to tales
          of a Highwayman
the music flows out the door
maybe can drown
the work crew making noise
        at the corner
so i push them
 to the tale of the
       landlords daughter
not the Dark Night Of The Souls
not so
i shall gain solace
in a Mummer's Dance
close my eyes
             and sway
to the voice of Loreena Mckennitt
and a cello 
to cut through
the noisy machines
distracting me
so that i see a hawk circles through
        the clouds in the sky
as she plays the strains
 of a Lady of Shallot
i was lost
in what this world could become
as the wind chimes tinkle
     in the breeze
joining the lovers to their
   beloved one
      each to the other
my heart back to my soul
so i may Tango To Evora
and la la la la la la 
in Marrakesh today,
and then tonight have a listen
            to new Lana Del Rey
               to ease me back from


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