Maple Leaf Mandala in a grey jade colour.

Creating Serenity From Wild Things

Off on a tangent today, wandering Mastodon, and low and behold an idea took hold. I’ve had these black & white photographs I’ve been keen to do something with, and today I was inspired. This picture was of a blurred image, with the hashtag #impressionism. It was rather lovely. So, I revved up my ol’Polarr Photo Editor, and started playing. Reflecting and fringing and adjusting… … Continue reading Creating Serenity From Wild Things

Purple Swedish Ivy - scallop leaves, dark green, big and lush

This Semi-Hardy Purple Swedish Ivy That’s Not Really Swedish

A few years back, I was poking around at the outdoor garden centre, and came across this gorgeous plant. It was sold as a filler plant for hanging baskets, or other container garden displays. I soon discovered though that this beauty was way more than that. Purple Swedish Ivy – Plectranthus australis: native to northern Australia and the Pacific Islands. Yea, so no clue how it … Continue reading This Semi-Hardy Purple Swedish Ivy That’s Not Really Swedish

I ♥‿♥ Syngonium

A sampling of one of my favourite genus, the bohemian Syngonium Podophylum – also known as an Arrowhead. They just have this grow anywhere, anyhow vibe. They do fine in bright indirect light, or relatively low light. A bonus feature for beginners, is they are rather forgiving, propagate like a weed, and don’t require anything fancy. Sure, they’d love a bit more humidity than most, … Continue reading I ♥‿♥ Syngonium

Summer Mornings At The Coves

“The most predominant feature of the sub-watershed, The Coves Ponds, were formed by an abandoned oxbow of the Thames River. Sedimentation from adjacent ravines and infilling by adjacent landowners have now created 3 distinct ponds; the East, West, and South Ponds. “ “The Cove ponds were described by the early explorers to this area in 1796. They are documented in the journals of Major Littlehale, who … Continue reading Summer Mornings At The Coves