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I Dream Of Ali

A malaise. A disenchantment. A depth without depth. Caitlin at Broadside blog recently penned an inspiring piece, citing a New York Times article, calling it… well… a languishing. It was like I was in dormancy (of which I know a thing or three, now, thanx to Ali and a tribe of Alocasia’s). Languishing is the neglected middle child of mental health. It’s the void between … Continue reading I Dream Of Ali

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Mercy For The Devil

Turning from the obsessions that lead one astray, tempted by the dark nature within us all, desires that have the power, sometimes, to even stain our heart, our spirit, our soul. Can we become selfless? Buddhism would say so, but the path in our modern hi-strung world is a difficult one. Now, binging on a series called Once Upon A Time, these fabled heroes of … Continue reading Mercy For The Devil

Summer Mornings At The Coves

“The most predominant feature of the sub-watershed, The Coves Ponds, were formed by an abandoned oxbow of the Thames River. Sedimentation from adjacent ravines and infilling by adjacent landowners have now created 3 distinct ponds; the East, West, and South Ponds. “ “The Cove ponds were described by the early explorers to this area in 1796. They are documented in the journals of Major Littlehale, who … Continue reading Summer Mornings At The Coves

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A Peek At Where I Hang My Hats

On the stoop yesterday aft, productive day, as the doggo got a walko, and other things I needed to do, and we spent some quality time on the stoop. Watching the world go by, and while there is less of it, or less people, there are people. Actually, more people, but spaced out people throughout that day, going on their daily sanity stroll round the … Continue reading A Peek At Where I Hang My Hats