The Golden Apple Grove

Hidden Creatures Come Forth

I’ve become rather obsessed the last couple of days with teasing forth these creatures from my nature photos. Playing with the reflect tool in Polarr, adjusting this and that, I find them and draw them out. Some have a rather surrealist aspect I really like, as well as a nod to Urban Fantasy.

Well, first off, I call them THE CREATURES. Suppose or lack of a better name, but really because I’m not sure yet if they have any other name.

We shall see.

Lord Seymour
Lord Seymour

Anywho, let’s start with Lord Seymour the Sycamore Tree Bear.

Seymour has been down at The Coves since this pond was a bend in the Thames River. So, he’s old, and actually quite hollow. He sits right at the very edge of the east pond, but still grows lush green foliage, even though his whole centre part is a burnt out husk – victim from some pranksters ignorant vandalism. I’ve no doubt he will outlive all of us, including those nasty vandals.

Next is Lady Hatha, a Bovine Tree Creature, and she is Seymours winter face. Once his leaves are shed at autumns end, slowly she takes shape.

They are two spirited.

Lady Hatha

Then of course there are the bird creatures, beginning with Gideon & Garth.

Gideon looks like a Gull and lives at the East Coves pond, just down from Lord Seymour, dangling over its edge hunting fishy fishy fishy.

Now Garth is… well, I have no clue what he is, but is a denizen of the old abandoned apple orchard at the centre of the Coves.

And next there are the eagle twins… but so far they won’t tell me their names, or their gender identity. They keep to themselves, just down the way from Gideon and Lord Seymour.

And, this is Alice the owl, who’s well over 10 feet tall. She was in fact the first of the bird creatures to appear.

Actually, she lives right outside my door, she inhabits a Slippery Elm Tree.


Now, Ezmet is an Oak Creature, and lives at The Mount, just beside the Mary Grotto. He took a bit to find, but I fiddled away until he appeared.

Now, last but not least, and he can be difficult to see… is one of the Westminster Pond’s creatures. This is the stag man guise, almost ethereal in nature, as he changes with the seasons (his kin I believe are shape-shifters).

The Forest King - Stag man

So, I’ve been busy the last few days, teasing them from my tree photographs. I suspect there may be more, and I believe they all have stories to tell.

8 thoughts on “Hidden Creatures Come Forth

  1. I adore these. I love that you called them the creatures, they ARE creatures, and most of them look rather benign, but the last one looks cross with sharp teeth. Could it be that he does not particularly like changing with the seasons? I love how Ezmet has his arms folded like a wise old man. Who am I to judge, perhaps he is one! Alice the owl is sinister, her eyes shine with something quite unsettling :D

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