ferns from the homestead

And The Earth Under Our Feet

Your generation is far more in touch with themselves than we were. Young girls today have choices ahead of them, that I would imagine can be overwhelming. Certainly, my generation of girls was never a very active bunch, in terms of sports. It was frowned upon. Those Great Granddaughters of mine are becoming such strong, capable young ladies. Hockey was a good choice for them, … Continue reading And The Earth Under Our Feet

The Daemon That Danced Naked In The Dell

The sun rose over the tops of the trees, bathing in the cold morning light stood the cabin, on the shores of a Lake. The Cedars that marched their way around the edge, swayed in the gentle breeze, offering a welcome distraction from the nightmare that had crept silently out of bed with her. She blew into the rough stone mug she was clasping in … Continue reading The Daemon That Danced Naked In The Dell

Who’s Hallowed Bones Shine In The Moons Amber Glow?

Call me Tel’Gath. Which is more of a title really, if you must know. But whatever they have called me, or what I choose to call myself is private, as I have never had a name. But, you bags of flesh require labels, I know, so it will suffice. I am called many things though, just so you know. Ahhhh…yes, the point. Would you be … Continue reading Who’s Hallowed Bones Shine In The Moons Amber Glow?

The End Of The Beginning

A gentle breeze rustles the leaves of the giant Catalpa Tree above their heads, its branches reaching out protectively. The observer can see the two figures beneath, standing now for almost 5 minutes, silently looking down, reading the names etched into the granite at their feet: Tinie-Kay “TK” Danforth David Grant Jodee Danforth Natalie MacEnchroe Nathan Crow Stanley Hart Jerry Hart “It seems like yesterday, … Continue reading The End Of The Beginning

Old Tombstone

The Butterfly Effect

So Mom… I’m having one of those days. Heck, truth be told it’s just been one of dem weeks. Between this and that of daily life, anniversaries, schedule changes, life changes, weather, ugh… I’m a weary soul. So I’ve found myself holed up here within my abode obsessed this week with a PBS series on African-American genealogies…it’s so very intriguing. I hear these stories, and I see … Continue reading The Butterfly Effect