Wildflower Walks By The Thames | August 2015

Trapped forever on its own, The Coves are a naturalized set of trails along the old elbow of The Thames River. It can be wild, or restrained, hilly, or grassy trails meandering along the banks. Where wildflowers grow, so do bees, and bugs, butterfly’s and birds; providing a plethora of pollinator, and seed distributors, and other propagators. One can start at Euston Meadow, or park … Continue reading Wildflower Walks By The Thames | August 2015

Joy & Rainy Day Garden Quotes

I love my woodland garden best on rainy days. Each drop is filtered through the Black Walnut above, and I walk along the pathway, admiring each leaf and flower. The play of light as the raindrops settle, illuminating the texture, nature & colour of each. Subtle shifts of light highlight the contrast of leaf, and I imagine the raindrops filtering through the earth towards the … Continue reading Joy & Rainy Day Garden Quotes

Thomas the Cat

Thomas The Cat

He couldn’t help himself. Really. Thomas is an asshole. Last week Irish and I are at D3’s for some din din, and doesn’t she go AWOL. Heart stopping panic washed over me. However, it was short lived as she was of course two doors down at the neighbour’s ~ ensconced beside this guy and his girlfriend on their front porch. She certainly is one for … Continue reading Thomas The Cat