Thomas the Cat

Thomas The Cat

He couldn’t help himself. Really. Thomas is an asshole.

Last week Irish and I are at D3’s for some din din, and doesn’t she go AWOL. Heart stopping panic washed over me. However, it was short lived as she was of course two doors down at the neighbour’s ~ ensconced beside this guy and his girlfriend on their front porch.

She certainly is one for meeting the neighbours’. Thinks absolutely nothing of waltzing up to complete strangers and introducing herself. God, we are so different, her and I.

Than, no sooner had the praise of her lovely nature and beautiful looks graced their lips, as up strolls Thomas. AND, the she-bitch appeared; growling and lunging at this beautiful long-haired domestic, all decked out in his fancy dress cloths.

Curious KittyI LOVE this cat, as I guess this first encounter intrigued Thomas, and deterred not one bit, well doesn’t he saunter over to D3’s to check out this blond bimbo that had apparently moved in next door.

I give him credit, that lovely Thomas, but it is in his nature to be curious. And, it is that force of nature that overtook even my docile lamb golden-mix retriever.

I do believe Mom we may see more of Thomas, at least I hope so. He is a lovely boy, and I adore his “I don’t give a shite” ‘tude. He strode back and forth, back and forth, at the end of the drive for about half an hour, just long enough for Irish to loose all hope of any freedom that eve.

More later Mom, ran into that pic this morn though and had to share ;-)



In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.”

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