Thomas the Cat

Thomas The Cat

He couldn’t help himself. Really. Thomas is an asshole. Last week Irish and I are at D3’s for some din din, and doesn’t she go AWOL. Heart stopping panic washed over me. However, it was short lived as she was of course two doors down at the neighbour’s ~ ensconced beside this guy and his girlfriend on their front porch. She certainly is one for … Continue reading Thomas The Cat

December 21, 2010 – My Irish Rover & Me

Didn’t really feel like writing anything today. Didn’t think I wanted to. But I’m bored stiff, so why not. I’m going to copy today the next entry in my saga with Tim.  To summarize, this journal was written over the course of 2 years. It records our experiences, and my reflections, on our journey with Tim’s Pancreatic cancer. BUT, as for today….More rain. More blawdy … Continue reading December 21, 2010 – My Irish Rover & Me