Never Fall In Love With A Mean Drunk Artist With A Broken Heart

Back when I was 19 I thought that when I fell in love that, of course, it would be forever. Prince Charming would waltz in at some pre-ordained moment, magic would spark and the very air would tingle, and, and, yeah, what a naive putz I was. So far has not worked out that way. Not by a long shot. Love, actually, has been as … Continue reading Never Fall In Love With A Mean Drunk Artist With A Broken Heart

Confessions Of A Caregiver

When I first met Tim his life was about drugs, music, late nights and alcohol – and it was that life that ultimately killed him. I’d always been attracted to the music scene, and still love the energy of live music. Thus it was that I became entangled in the life he led. Yet, in time I realized that Tim’s life was not out front, but rather out … Continue reading Confessions Of A Caregiver

My Tim

When I began this blog I intended to somehow, eventually, try to describe Tim. It was atleast one, of a myriad of other reason’s. Yet I’ve stumbled on it. I haven’t known where to start. How do I describe someone who sometimes I’m not even sure I knew? Tim kept his cards close, rarely giving you any idea of what he was really up to. … Continue reading My Tim

The Lady of the Cellar | Part Two

“You know, Uncle, I’ve lost whole parts of myself since we are traveling together. Layers & layers of “ME” gone. Peeled away, discarded, surplus to requirements. Is that what travelling does? Brings us back to what we truly are?” [“THE ROM: WALKING IN THE PATHS OF THE GYPSIES” ROGER MOREAU] As you pause a memory filters through. As if they reside in subconscious breaking through … Continue reading The Lady of the Cellar | Part Two

The Lady of the Cellar | Part One

“Only when the heart is still is the journey over… and even then …there are rivers to cross.” Charles DeLint, from ‘Spiritwalk’ Of muddled myths, Helium Spheres, broken friendships and unconquered dreams, define this time. The time that had passed, I look back today and see the rocky waves of emotions, smashed dreams, and broken hearts. This time that had passed became a sort of … Continue reading The Lady of the Cellar | Part One

Lost in Helium Spheres | Part One

And from where I stand… A fraction of time spent in innocence, we spend in wonder of ourselves. In beliefs instilled to haunt us, we break at the bonds that hold us. From distant lands of imagination, the world spins by unnoticed, until the spiral tightens, and we are faced with our own creation. From there we see the future and know the absence and … Continue reading Lost in Helium Spheres | Part One

December 21, 2010 – My Irish Rover & Me

Didn’t really feel like writing anything today. Didn’t think I wanted to. But I’m bored stiff, so why not. I’m going to copy today the next entry in my saga with Tim.  To summarize, this journal was written over the course of 2 years. It records our experiences, and my reflections, on our journey with Tim’s Pancreatic cancer. BUT, as for today….More rain. More blawdy … Continue reading December 21, 2010 – My Irish Rover & Me