and i have only words

there is a plague spewing hateinto our eyesholding aloftblasphemytries to denythat black lives matterand i watch it all unfoldon secular groundbeyond a goda worda man nor womanan ideologyperhaps, a new philosophymarching in the streetsagainst their hypocrisythey singLean On Meas dusk descendson that once mighty hilldefending their democracyinside this inequalityburrows all our fatewe pray it is not too latemy eyes tear stained at the sightwe watch … Continue reading and i have only words

snow on cedars before dawn -

When Strong Java And Deep Thoughts Collide

Writing for me has become like a sport, an exercise for my mind. I live in this yin/yang world now, of a physical job, with a more, em, comfortable hardly seems the right word but is in that mode, of leisure, as some would believe of the writer, amateur or otherwise, it is the stereotype. Though, I don’t find writing leisurely at all. It is … Continue reading When Strong Java And Deep Thoughts Collide

A Bit Of Kunitz

from ‘THE TESTING-TREE’ In the recurring dream my mother stands in her bridal gown under the burning lilac, with Bernard Shaw and Bertie Russell kissing her hands, the house behind her is in ruins; she is wearing an owl’s face and makes barking noises. Her minatory finger points. I pass through the cardboard doorway askew in the field and peer down a well where an … Continue reading A Bit Of Kunitz