and there i was down that crazy river

preaching my gospel
the rage
his betrayal
oh, that rage
this new friend knew all to well
though her skepticism dripped,
she didn’t believe
that it would ever let her go
just one year on
buried under
fresh in its certainty
where mine had burned away
long ago
brought forth
for her to see
how i used to be
the vows we broke
along with my heart
yet it was no longer the boss of me
and turning to leave,
i had to say,
this is how I measure my success today
as the dawn broke
over the trees
with the misty fields
that lay ahead
down the path
in my certainty
and my cheap velvet shoes
east behind me
west ahead
breath rising
inside smiling
at the beauty
at that time of day
i always mean to be
with my camera
on down the river
once and for all
after it all
like she will one day be

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