at walmart
and a festival
another high school
praying in church
in the first grade
at a movie
while at work
at the college
in America
from sea to shining sea
in America
more slaughter
dripping blood
on the red, white and blue
but does it matter to
that president
who commands their fate
he who worships gold
he was bought and sold
on corporate greed
for foreign soil
and dreams of coal
just thoughts and prayers
he deceives
just pretends to care
making America great
for more terrorists of hate
the white supremacists rule
a land of hate
is what he is devoted to
to activate
to tolerate
the fourth estate
he will sacrifice the truth
for a foreigner
he is just the bait
puppet on a string
for who
the bell tolls
and more bodies fall
one by one
day after day
lie after lie
they die
and he just goes golfing
cause it doesn't matter
to him

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