Some Thoughts On Stop And Go Slaughter In America

Now, growing up dad had guns. I mean, I actually wasn’t generally aware of it growing up, but he did apparently have a rifle, yet I was completely oblivious. Though, when I was older I do remember a couple of them propped up behind the bed, like some sort of redneck hick, propped up but not loaded, before new gun laws came into play, and … Continue reading Some Thoughts On Stop And Go Slaughter In America


at walmartand a festival another high schoolpraying in churchin the first gradeat a moviewhile at workat the collegein Americafrom sea to shining seain Americamore slaughterdripping bloodon the red, white and bluebut does it matter tothat presidentwho commands their fatehe who worships goldhe was bought and soldon corporate greedfor foreign soiland dreams of coaljust thoughts and prayershe deceivesjust pretends to caremaking America greatfor more terrorists of … Continue reading another