The Red Duo-Tang

Weekly Writing Challenge | Student, Teacher

from The Red Duo-Tang ~Friday June 27th, 1975: *Really enjoyed the trip to Midland, she was really good. L (lil sis) bothered her a lot. Very interested in Huron Village. Enjoyed staying in the Motel. – got a lot out of Nancy Island. Asked a lot of questions. *Little nervous at the Scenic Caves. Can’t […]


Worn Velvet and Butterfly Farts

You ever get that feeling that you’re insignificant? Some days I’m the master of my domain, and god help anyone who gets in my way. Other days? Well, other days, not so much. Amidst the normalcy that encompassed my upbringing, I managed to gain a certain sense of self-importance. Go figure. It’s all about this […]


2001 ~ Later that same year

[late 2001]  My Mom when I was little had a duo-tang she would write in. It had a red cover, the pages were yellowed. In it she wrote down all the things I did as I was growing up. The steps I took, the first birthday and the gifts I received as well as who gave […]