2001 ~ Later that same year

Mom & Me [late 2001]  My Mom when I was little had a duo-tang she would write in. It had a red cover, the pages were yellowed. In it she wrote down all the things I did as I was growing up. The steps I took, the first birthday and the gifts I received as well as who gave them to me….

When I was 19 and I had moved out with a girlfriend, Clare, she finally gave me the book. My Mom kept locks of my hair, an old scrap of a an old favorite stuffed toy {from when I was like 3 or 4} in her underwear drawer. In her wallet she had a drawing I had done of a lady bug {I was 6}.

She encouraged me to know who I was. To seek. With that knowledge I could be strong.

[Jan 13, 2002] I am right now listening to Mozart SYM#25 in G Minor played by Orpheus – a group that plays with no conductor. They choose for each concert a Concert Master and leMe 2002ishad violin. They rotate chairs so that every player can have an opportunity to lead their section.

They have been so successful that they now give Master Classes in business.

There music really does sparkle just like the announcer said. Whew! It strikes you right away.

Man, I’d like to find a man who could appreciate that as much as I do. What a major turn on that would be. Now double Whew!

CBC 01-13-2002   On Stage~ORPHEUS & LA Chamber Quartet.

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