Portrait of Rose

An Open Mind Keeps Me Grateful

In response to the Discover Challenge | Open-minded Spent a lot of last night at work almost literally biting my tongue for fear of what I might say. I was just itching to say something b-ei-t-chy. Just ITCHING. Even went so far as to inform my co-worker, just gotta throw it out there… MENOPAUSE. You know, case something slipped out, you know, so she knew … Continue reading An Open Mind Keeps Me Grateful

You Are Invited

You are cordially invited to a new blog I just began. Decided to take part this month in the Writing 101 WordPress is offering via their Blogging University series. For some time now I’ve felt this desire to move forward in my writing, but in what way exactly I was uncertain. I realized that I was allowing the uncertainty to hinder me, and maybe I … Continue reading You Are Invited

Weekly Writing Challenge | Student, Teacher

from The Red Duo-Tang ~Friday June 27th, 1975: *Really enjoyed the trip to Midland, she was really good. L (lil sis) bothered her a lot. Very interested in Huron Village. Enjoyed staying in the Motel. – got a lot out of Nancy Island. Asked a lot of questions. *Little nervous at the Scenic Caves. Can’t say as I blame her…I was too. Got a beaded … Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge | Student, Teacher