Worlds Within Worlds Within Worlds

not my first,
not the last,
one of the best.

Zaki, a boy
on the magical

nor Robin ,
or Feng Meng
the same

A contest? I don’t enter contests. But I love and admire authors and I am compelled. So check out REVIS over on 33 Grams Of Blog.

8 thoughts on “Worlds Within Worlds Within Worlds

      1. Well, you and Ra are the only ones who threw your hat in the ring for it. Since she already has a copy of the book, she is willing to let you win the contest. So, if you want it, a copy of my book is yours. Email me at [email protected] and let me know either way. Thanks again for playing!


        1. You know what? I don’t feel right you spending money to ship. Why don’t you instead, sign the inside…and give it away to the 7th person you meet, or the first person you meet at 7, or something related to 7…and passes it on. I love randomness, and I believe there is power in throwing dice with the universe … Is that too wacko? LOL


            1. I gave it to a nice lady at the library. I’d post proof but she didn’t seem that interested in being in a picture with the strange guy offering her free stuff… for some reason.


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