Chick-a-dee-dee-dee & A Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat

Irish is out on the stoop, eye’s half closed, in resting pose.

IrishBirds greet the morning light. And I? I sit here in this old wicker armchair of Tim’s, typing away. Typing if only because they say that to one day have any chance at all of attracting that whiff of inspiration, one must show up every day. So here I am.

I sit hear some mornings and see if I can still identify the bird by its call. And how exciting is that!!Eh Mom? I lead one hell-of-an exciting life. Enough to give those Kardashians a run for their money, I tell ya.

I do have news from the Homestead too though.

Dad and MsB have turned Lexi over to the dark side, and she was spouting some positive spin about Trump, and other nonsense to me on Good Friday. All sorts of tidbits on his real (or imaginary) actual platform. Which is fine. All good and honourable.

However, as I reminded her, that’s all well and good, and fantastic if she’s right. I do hope half the things she said Trump stands for is in fact what he stands for. However, his oration is dismal. He SUCKS at getting his message across. Frankly, I think she was sniffing glue.

I successfully dodged the matter with Dad. He brought it up, surprisingly. Then laughed that maniacal way he has when he thinks he’s being clever or evil. He always looks so charming when he’s saying whatever he’s saying, you can be fooled.

I was not. I grinned back and told him to go fish.

I refused to have the conversation with him concerning Trump. I know what he thinks, and I don’t need a dialogue on all the reasons Trump would be good for America. {gag}

Fine. Maybe he has good ideas. Maybe there is more to him then the bigoted gas-bag he presents himself as, dragging around a careening crowd of illiterates and trailer park boys.

The only thing I’ll give the man, is and Lex had it right, there really isn’t anyone even half as interesting running. Sure, we have the Bern and MsHilary, but with the entertainment factor considered, and from the Canadian perspective, Trump is if nothing else, entertainment. Or, er, was.

Was until the shocking reality started to hit. The HOLY SHITE, that man might just become President. Even Dad, way back in the Fall, spoke of Trump as though he didn’t believe he’d get the CHANCE to tick off the name Trump in a voter box. Today, that all seems closer to reality.


These are strange times. We seem to be at this dangerous curve in the road, and so many are blind to what’s ahead. They’ve been blinded by the bling of all these artificial media stars. They are enamored with soundbites and are twirled around and around by the clever spin doctors that prowl our newsfeeds. They believe whatever they see and hear, even when they are told, again and again, not to believe a word of it.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I feel like some sort of bystander to an accident in the making. Completely unable to change a thing. So I just try to know as little about the whole US election as I can. I try to concentrate my energies on things that offer positive change, not this negative, fear-mongering this mongrel offers.

So I was watching a show last night on YouTube, featuring two historians in a talk from this WOW festival in the UK. It was on women of power in the ancient world.

What struck me, is the theory of the egalitarian society our ancient ancestors once enjoyed. A culture of shared values, where both sexes played roles of equal value. And both roles being granted the same level of respect and power as the other. No lip service.

Some 10,000+ years ago, society recognized the important roles both sexes brought to the table. All were responsible for hunting, warfare, leadership and guidance. There was no playing favourites, there is more and more evidence that documents this complex society, where the voice of the crone, the weaver, the gatherer and the hunter were of equal value to that of the warrior, be they male or female.

Over time, from the late ice age to the mid-bronze age, society slowly devolved as humans became greedy and wanted what THE OTHER hill over the rise possessed. So they invaded and took what they desired. Eventually, a warrior culture began to dominate, and with it died the egalitarian balance.

Maybe Trump is just some siren though, wailing away, warning every one of what could be if we do nothing. If we allow this gas-bag to tramp all over, stomping his feet and playacting, all the while bashing anyone that offers a contradictory opinion. Calls himself an advocate for women, and loving women.

Sort of like saying, “hey, I’m not racist, cause I spoke to a black guy once”.

Some of my co-workers recently said they HOPE this is all some elaborate social experiment Trump dreamed up, and he’s really a liberal and out to destroy the republican party.

I wish.

So I sit here in this wicker chair. Legs curled up underneath of me, and I type away to you Mom. Listening to the birds out my window, dreaming of spring, and new things.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful though Mom? A society where we truly were ALL of equal value. Each contributing their piece to the pie. A level playing field, where girls and boys could aspire to the same things, and share the same power.

While our american cousins drag themselves kicking and screaming back to the Jim Crow south of values, up here in Canada we are striving towards maybe the stone age. Perhaps make strides towards eventually seeing those egalitarian days once again. Least with Trudeau at the helm we have a fighting chance.

Well, suppose I should sign off Mom, this is enough rambling for one day.


2 thoughts on “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee & A Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat

  1. LOL, I think Trump is a gasbag too. It did occur to me, as it did to some of your friends, Trump might be a Liberal/Democrat under disguise trying to defeat the Republican party but that seems a bit like wishful thinking to me. Guess we’ll have to wait and see trusting good will win the day.

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