What Are Dreams Made Of?

In the year 2001, in April, I lay down for an afternoon nap. This in and of itself is unusual, as I rarely have the inclination. This day was different, as I was a wee bit hung over, and my sister was coming out from Dodge to pick me up.

The Moon Over Irish Lake

The dream of course had this surreal quality, as my minds-eye hovered over the spot where my sister and brother-in-law were moving to, the scene before me is outside upon the sidewalk in downtown Dodge, at this three-way stop.

In the dream, coming down the road was this parade. At the heart of this processional was this woman pushing an old fashion carriage. The next image is a peek into the heart of the carriage, to view the babe within. However, there was no baby, for it was my Mother lying there. This image had this holy aspect to it, as her eyes were closed, and I knew she was at peace.

Startled I awoke from the dream to the knocking of my sister at my door. Still full of sleep, and haunted by this dream, I related to her the entirety of what I recalled. At the time, the significance was not yet understood.

We couldn’t know it at the time, but between that day and October 31st of 2001, two events would occur – the birth of Mom’s first grandchild born on her 54th birthday, and Mom’s death that Halloween night.

Such a powerful year that was. Full of mystical symbolism and plenty of visions, and even angels were observed, or sensed. Yet that dream, those images, they foresaw things that would haunt me for years to come. Like a gift though, these images soothed, and seemed to teach about the passage of time, and the power of innocence, and the beauty of that ultimate journey.

Into the world, and eventually out of the world, we all must go. These ultimate markers are out of our control, and contain no guarantees, nor lifetime warranties. We all get what we get, and tis perhaps only our dreams that may truly guide us. Within ourselves we embody the capacity to gain much wisdom and knowledge.

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