Irish and I

Tis You & Only You Girl

My fluffy one tis the only responsibility I have, other than to myself. She gives more than she takes, and for that I am blessed. She is a patient, loving and fervent companion… and always “on guard for thee“. When I’m sad, she just seems to know when I need a little company, and when I need to be left alone, she stays away. I’m telling ya,  it would be a lonely old world today without her.


It has rained now for close to 48 hours or more, and large swathes of people in Ontario are without power. There are 250,000 alone without power in the GTA itself (Greater Toronto Area).


So far we have been spared the worst of the icy conditions in The Village, but slippery and wet, cold and dreary, and all around YUCK we have in spades. My little wireless Weather Station reads the outside temperature here at 3°Celcius.

At some point today I must venture forth from my domicile to collect provisions, but I am reluctant to leave this cozy den I share with my loving Irish Lassie.


Inspired by: Daily Prompt: My Number One

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