To #4 @4:44

To The Cold-Hearted driver of the #4 @ 4:44pm, Monday January 27th, 2014, who refused to pick me up: I had just worked 8 hours and walked the 4 or so blocks from Second Street to catch the Oxford East at Fanshawe College. You can’t imagine how delighted I was to see you sitting there. You see, I normally work much later and was worn … Continue reading To #4 @4:44

Beaver Valley

Ghost Towns of Ontario | Eugenia Falls

Early visitors were awed by the sight of Eugenia Falls, calling it one of Canada’s most beautiful locations. “Romantically situated on the Beaver River”, enthused one early writer. Ghost Towns of Ontario: a field Guide by Ron Brown,Polar Bear Press, Toronto c1999 If you are a skier, or you snowmobile, cross-country ski, or otherwise outdoor winter enthusiast, and live near Southern Ontario, you probably have … Continue reading Ghost Towns of Ontario | Eugenia Falls