Shades of Gray in Grey

They don’t call it Grey County for nothing

That probably qualifies as the most often heard phrase in the County. I would imagine any shopkeeper you spoke to would tell you as much.

SO, I have arrived at the place were delicate strands of Irish hair dangling wee chunks of wood, and illuminations of dust on my lampshades is inspiring. I am seeking that which is NOT gray in my photographs and it has been challenging.

Hanging by a Thread

Dust on Lampshade

It was as I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing my laundry, that I really came to finally admire the simple monotony of the various nuances of gray featured throughout this landscape – slate-gray sky above touched with the horizontal taupey pine trees and their varying degrees of sage green needles. On a tour of the environs one is struck by the multitudinous shades of gray framed in a carpet of crisp white snow …

Sound familiar?

“Blawdy h-E-double-hockey-sticks … these are the colours I just changed my blog to” !

I’m certain there is some kind of psychology behind that. That particular colour scheme I’ve gravitated towards for quite sometime, and now I am surrounded by it. I like it though. Gives a nice back-drop to my content, because it doesn’t get in the way.

And hey, not too long from now this life will be a dream, and this blog serves is a way to remind me of how it really was.

… soon enough this will be closer to my reality

The City

8 thoughts on “Shades of Gray in Grey

    1. This is my last week at the cottage as I’m moving back to the area where I’m from, London. It was my partners family cottage. He died in late October from Pancreatic Cancer and now the family is selling it this summer. I am a very lucky person to have the time here I did. Sad as it is, this idyllic locale was never mine, not really, only wished it were. There will definitely more pictures from my journey … London has some lovely spots of its own I look forward to capture thru my lens. ;-) Plus i have a long family history in london I want to explore


      1. I’m sorry you lost your partner.I should have looked more into your blog… otherwise I wouldn’t have asked a painful question. I look forward to seeing London through your eyes! Hugs!


  1. Love the photos and the color scheme. I was just admiring your new avatar with the blue butterfly. I see growth and creativity in your changes, Paula.


      1. Paula,
        the color scheme reminds me of the real world in the Matrix. It seems to me that you are confronting cold reality, but changing the nature of reality with your courage and creativity. Can I call you Neo? haha.


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