The Old Traverston Mill

Ghost Towns of Ontario | Traverston

What remains today of these forgotten towns, is sometimes merely the charm of the landscape that attracted those early settlers. Traverston LOCATION: Glenelg TWP (now West Grey), Grey County Set amid the stony hills of Grey County, Traverston is typical of the many mill towns that sprang up along the tumbling waters of the Rocky Saugeen River. This area opened to settlement around 1850, and … Continue reading Ghost Towns of Ontario | Traverston


I went out today with my Nokia N95 Camera Phone for my walk rather than the bulkier Canon. I prefer it sometimes as its lighter. Afterward as I looked through what I had taken, I wanted to subtly enhance the mood … so I very gently softened them with Picasa. I like the effect; it captures how I felt today. Lots on my mind. Lots … Continue reading Desiderata

My Favourite Canadians: Tom Thomson

Writing about Thomson in 1914, the younger artist David Milne observed: “Varley and Lismer pines are pretty conventional pines, well done but quite familiar … you admire their proficiency, that’s all. But with Thomson’s trees, it’s different. You can’t be indifferent. These few patches with knotted strings are powerful; there was strong emotion behind their making and they stir the same now.” Milne notes, too, … Continue reading My Favourite Canadians: Tom Thomson