Grey County

ONE * sInGulAr

The following were taken on a hot summer day, back in those bohemian days in GreyCo. These date to August 9th, 2009. I have wanted you to see out of my eyes so many times. ~ Elizabeth Berg, The Pull of The Moon To become aware of our history is to become aware of our […]


The Porcupine Walk

One night Tim and I are coming back from visiting friends and we happen upon this big ol’ Porcupine, waddling his fat arse dead centre of this old back country road. Not concerned, maybe deaf, or just a stubborn old coot. Who knows, but that ol’bugger was none too happy about us interfering with his […]


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: LINES

Ok, so let’s try this again. Some of you received this post and what do your wondering eyes behold? Nothing. That is because I am composing these posts under less than ideal circumstances. First and foremost, getting my laser mouse to go where I want it to is a Jedi mind trick. My laser keyboard […]